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Wednesday, 16 June 2010


One of the worst things a driver can do is take his or her eyes off the road. It's the same when we begin talking about HIV/AIDS. If we allow ourselves to become complacent and to not focus on where we're going, even for one minute, this infectious disease will just keep on festering, a little more and a little more.

HIV/AIDS is causing such saddening harm to the world. What's even sadder is that the age bracket of this infectious disease is spreading to younger generations at a rapid rate, one that has outpaced statistical measurability. Our communities are being destroyed and we need to take a look around and be aware of the path we're currently on, to remember all those who have fought, are fighting and potentially will fight HIV/AIDS. We must take a stand against this agent that is causing so much havoc nationwide.

Whether we have a day, month, or year of remembrance, our destination has become unclear. One question still perplexes me, Will we ever finally announce in booming, triumphant voices that we've defeated HIV/AIDS, or will it continue to silently kill more and more of us every day?

While on the road called our lives, have we become sidetracked about life's woes and small situations? Have we allowed such a devastating canker worm to eat away at our communities? As a man that embraces humanity with heart N’ soul, I stand on my foundation of hope. I declare that we're no longer headed in the direction we're supposed to be, but we can definitely turn around.

It is time to celebrate life and connect with those who are in dire need of being educated about safe sex practices. And just as importantly, it's a time to get tested. This is the year of action, the year of getting back on our road to joy. As I watch the images of persons fighting this disease via Annie Lennox’s SING CAMPAIGN website, I feel SO POSITIVE! Though I am a tiny little speck of dust floating in the cosmos, I am cognizant of my ability to do something BIG as we all are in the grand scheme of things.


  1. Well put my brotha, we must continue to focus on HIV/AIDS until we defeat it and the deaths cease.


    EDUARDO - I TRY...




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