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Tuesday, 08 June 2010


THIES, Senegal – the story of Madieye Diallo, an activist and gay organization leader whose body and grave was desecrated because he was gay. While Diallo was not killed by the homophobes, it is because of their heinous actions, fear, and pure hatred fortified by religion that he is dead. 

Everyone on this planet should be in lament and outrage!!! If anyone should have sympathy on people having to live their lives on the run in safe-houses out of fear of the oppressing power is us. We are continually fighting over homosexuality in our communities as if it is an “us versus them” issue. We ARE you, and YOU are us. We may never agree about this issue, but just looking at the horrors and injustices that fear and hatred can create; we should want to erase that anxiety and revulsion to create a truly free and liberated future for ALL of us. 

Diallo and his family did not deserve for him to live his last days in safe-houses in fear. Diallo and his family did not deserve for him to be unable to take his HIV meds because he couldn’t attend his doctor appointments out of fear of being in public where he might be killed. Diallo and his family did not deserve for him to die in a coma at
5:50am on May 2, 2009. Diallo and his family did not deserve for the mosque to turn them away and deny him a proper burial because he was gay. Diallo and his family did not deserve for his body to be dug up, spit on, and tossed in front of their home like a bag of trash. 

To everyone that reads this, please repost this for others to read. Diallo’s organization was named Ligay, which means “Working Together”. Let all of us work together to erase hatred in our hearts, minds, and spirits by no longer accepting the status quo. No longer can we GLBTQ Men and Women allow people to degrade us or tell us that we are “no good” or “less than”. We must remember that WE are OVERCOMERS that have many more battles to fight than just those based on skin color and hair texture

We MUST fight through organized action and boldness. We must step out from the safety and imprisonment of “the closet”. We must show the world that WE are much more than the comedic relief and a part of women’s accessories. We are human beings that deserve the same dignity and respect that everyone else deserves. 

Why can’t we just live and let live? Why can’t we just be accepted? Why can’t we just be? Let us stand up for those who are afraid to go home…Those who are nervous when they notice folks looking @ a male in a tight pair of jeans…Those that walk into a church and the pastor, decides to preach his “love-the-sinner- hate-the-sin” sermon. Well, what happens when the “sin” is you? 

It is frustrating putting entries like this out there when my mere words are NOT doing justice to the sadness, anger, and sorrow I feel in my heart. It extremely pains me to know that there exists grown men who still live their lives in fear of coming out because it may ruin the lives they have built. It sickens me to know that kids are being killed because they are presumed gay at school. When will all of this stop?! 

The tears have dried on my face, but still rain heavily in my heart. One day I will be able to apply these emotions toward the efforts to truly make this world a better place. 


  1. I read this before. Africa needs to wake up. Is it religion that's brainwashing people or is it their lack of compassion!

  2. No matter what the world or any society at large may think or feel about anyone who is deemed 'different,' no one's worth should ever be reduced, discarded, marginalized, discounted or made to be ridiculed. Sadly, compassion seems to be a dying concept. That fact alone amounts to a little death of one's spirit, and a Larger death within humanity as a whole.

    Realities such as this one remind us that there's still so very far left to go.

    Thanks for sharing.







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