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Thursday, 20 May 2010


The six months temporary job program that I am currently employed under is set to end sometime in June. There are twelve of us that started this program in December last year and out of that number they are keeping about 5 persons to fill positions that are available. Now it has been rumored that 3 out of the positions will go to the 3 males that are employed under the program and the other two will go to two females in the program and the remaining 7 ladies would be left out in the cold. As I sat and thought about the prospect of being employed again, I couldn’t help but feel ashamed that I am a man. You see working for the Government in the Treasury Department; the women here seem to NOT get along with each other. They back bite and do all sort of things to each other…it is almost as if they want the other to grovel and beg for some sort of human kindness.

I’ve worked in 3 different areas in my short time @ the Treasury and no matter where I went there were females that didn’t like each other. It could be one supervisor to the other; it did NOT matter because as long as two vaginas occupy the same office space there will be tension! One of the areas I worked in, I had to deal with a supervisor that was petty… (Though not as petty as the supervisor in another area I worked), she still got on my nerves. One day she gave me an assignment to complete I did and I did more than she asked for and she was upset. Now before I took on the project, I asked her 3 times what she wanted and I even repeated to her what she said and she replied, ‘okay you got it.’ So imagine my surprise when I came back from lunch and she told me that I didn’t do the work she wanted and then asked me if I have a communication problem. I explained to her what she wanted and that was that…or so I thought. She kept going on and on about it and asked if I agreed with her that I have a communication problem? I looked her dead in the eyes and said, NO I DON’T! Of course this FRUSTRATED her to NO end, but she did ask me the question…

So the next day we came to work and she tells me how she couldn’t sleep all night because the work place was on her mind. She went on to tell me that her not wanting to take bread out of anyone’s mouth was keeping her up because @ the same time she HAD to be honest when it came time for them to review our performance over the past few months. I told her, ‘not to worry and do what she must and make sure she is honest in her reports.’ That was that and we went on with our working day…The next day the other temp person that worked in the same area with me told me that she was told by the same supervisor that she was NOT IMPRESSED WITH HER @ ALL! Now imagine my surprise when I heard this because this young lady works VERY hard and does things the supervisor CANNOT! I thought well if she thinks this about her what would she say about me? Well I soon found out…we were in the office all alone and she told me that she was impressed with me and apart from our misunderstanding the other day, she has NO problems with me and my work ethic. You could have knocked me out with a feather because I could NOT believe she was saying this to me.

After taking in what was said to me, I soon realized why she felt the way she did. She told me that there are TOO many females in the service and they are NOT adding anything to the process and she finds that men tend to work a whole lot better. I was SO stunned that I just sat there and took it all in. A few minutes later one of the deputy treasurers came into her office and she saw me there. She asked why I was in this department and after being told she said that I make it a point to remember the names of the males in the program because we need more men in this place. I just stood there looked @ her in amazement and I realized that this “men over women sentiment’’ comes from the top. I find this SO crazy because ALL of the top positions in this place are held by WOMEN! How do I sit @ a desk in this place when I know that the females in this program worked just as hard as I did to secure a job? Isn’t it sad that because I happen to be a man, that I have TWO BALLS N’ A BAT that I am one of the chosen few?


  1. It is sad that it's sort of reverse discrimination going on in the office. Typically you would think that men would be trying to keep women out. I guess, though, this situation reflects what's going on in many countries. More women are going to college and occupying jobs typically held by men. When that happens, I guess this is how it all works out. Maybe with a better balance of men and women it will all change. Good luck and I pray you get the job!

  2. Maybe they just find it refreshing to have some testosterone around the office. A lot of times women don't really know how to work well together, and find it harder to be friends as well. The reality of it is is that you were qualified enough to get the temporary job, so why not get a permanent position?

  3. Interestings, most times it is the reverse and I must agree with the CPA Doc, this is probably due to the fact that women are getting college degrees in fields /areas typically held by men, so these positions have become available to those women.

    For the past few years I too have had women bosses until about two years ago, so I know exactly what it is like to work for them and with them...UCK!

    I certainly hope that one of the positions becomes your's and with that position much respect.

  4. No, it isn't reverse anything. It's the function of Patriarchy. These wimmin, raised to support men and value men, are simply doing what they've been taught and feel fine about it because they're talking to a man and assume that any man they tell of their loyalty will accept it and not question it. It's about patriarchal relations. They're little girls in adult's bodies trying to please "daddy". Morons. Now what to do about it. They're pretty damned vulnerable as wimmin. As they've shown, wimmin's positions there are suspect and not at all assured. It would probably actually be fairly easy for a well place man, say once he was there for a while, to have them censured...if he actually cared about these things. But that would be a man who'd been there for a while not someone who was new to the environment. There probably aren't any men who'd be willing to disturb this kind of shit. Most often the men would probably be just fine with it.

  5. So frustrating, especially now, in this day and age.

    Is this a photo of YOUR balls and bat? Never mind.

    I just keep looking back at them. ;)









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