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Sunday, 21 February 2010


I. …An Atheists REALLY believed that life is meaningless?

II. …Atheism was responsible for the GREATEST crimes in human history?

III. …Atheism WAS dogmatic?

IV. …Atheists think EVERYTHING in the universe arose by chance?

V. …Atheism had NO connection to science?

VI. …ALL atheists were arrogant?

VII. … ALL Atheists were closed to a spiritual experience?

VIII. …Atheists believe that there is NOTHING beyond human life and human understanding?

IX. …Atheism provided NO basis for morality?

X. …Atheists actually believed there IS a god?

These questions I pose to you are all WHAT IFS…so those of you that have such a narrow of yourselves, life AND anyone that dares question the very existence of God…Can you tell me that the Atheist view about life REALLY make you feel better about your existence on this planet? Does holding your head high AND looking down @ someone who does NOT believe in God bring you close to salvation? Is this the Godly way to live your life?  You may say that you have to defend God, but if you believe God is who he is then do YOU need to defend him? As you weigh the answers to those questions, ponder this one as well: Have you ever entertained the notion that atheist argument could be right? 

We all know that God’s existence cannot be proven; nor can it be dis-proven; and the FACT that man’s laws and principles are disputably based on an innate sense of right and wrong, how could you not? Over the years man’s laws have been adapted, changed, or done away with due to man’s need to have power over critical thinking and debate. Which only leaves many to believe that if there is a God, he is either unable to adapt or he is unwilling prove his existence.

Therefore, God’s existence would be subjective to both religion and individuals. So then it stands to reason that if the idea of God is subjective, then one can choose to interpret God however one wishes. I just wish that more of us was willing to view the truth as a double-edged sword…You know the ones that are defined by man, of which we are uncertain about and can never prove or disprove. @ The end of it all, I guess it is better to live by the truth that comes via religion, rather than accept the uncertainty, without recognizing or questioning it.

Funny how we question the things that threatened our reality huh? Most would say if there is NO god then that means he didn’t create the universe so who did? I myself do NOT buy the BIG BANG THEORY; but it does provide Evolution with an alternative debate when it comes to creation of the universe. However, I think that most Atheists would admit that NOT all answers are given by this theory, and that there are several questions raised by them. While most religions, all of which claim their god OR gods to be the only true god OR gods, teach their doctrine within a scale of narrow-minded interpretation that is based on the fundamental teaching that God exist and he wants us to live our lives in a certain way…An Atheist does NOT take this path, in fact they base their believes in reality… 

THEY DON’T CLAIM TO BE PHILOSOPHERS…THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE THAT QUESTIONS EVERYTHING & PUT THINGS OUT THERE FOR YOU TO CHEW ON…I am ALL for truth, but I am of the opinion that if we just live our lives and choose a destiny FREE from subjugation by those who seek to tell us what this universe is all about, we will find a way to bring mankind to a balancing point that can evolve the spirit of life EVERYWHERE! So what if that means we have to ABANDON the notion of NO God and make our way to “paradise” by taking Atheist position and saying WHAT IF?


  1. Our planet revolves around a medium-sized star, which is located near the edge of an average-sized galaxy with 300 billion stars, which is part of a galaxy group consisting of more than thirty other galaxies, which is part of an expanding universe that, while consisting mostly of cold, dark space, also contains perhaps one hundred billion galaxies in addition to our own.

    Our species has existed only a very short time on the earth, and the earth itself has existed only a short time in the history of our galaxy. Our existence is thus an incredibly minuscule and brief part of a much larger picture.

    In light of this, isn't it curious that, in the absence of direct evidence, religious thinkers can conclude that the universe or some creative power beyond it is concerned with our well-being or future. From all appearances it seems more logical to conclude that we alone are concerned for our well-being and future.
    Humans conceptualized, drafted and created all Gods and all religions from start to finish.

    I'm not trying to convert anyone. I love being free from social constructed religious bondage.

  2. This is interesting (both your thoughts and the comment below). As a Christian gay male (not an extremist, preachy type (as "all" Christians supposedly are, according to the media), I can honestly say the most strident, intolerant people I've known are atheists! 2 of my best friends are atheists and it doesn't bother me in the least, but they're so F'ng strident about it-apparently as a (non Catholic)person of faith, I'm somehow complicit in pedophiles in the church, bigotry, suppression of science, etc. And I do sorta get where they're coming from, but it ain't me, and it ain't my religion...it's just PEOPLE lousing things up, and atheists are people too, as capable of mistakes and egocentric behavior as anyone else. And as capable of good behavior and generosity. I don't know why that's so hard to understand...

  3. I'm not sure how many think that "blind faith" is a fallacy - maybe people who believe in God are running on blind faith - for me this is what I have - it's just a feeling.
    I don't discuss my religious beliefs or my opinion on God and religion as I think that such debates run in circles - I just run on what I feel - maybe I am a fool for such and maybe my thought process might change tomorrow - but for now - I have "blind faith"!

  4. The way I see things these days is that we should all live our lives based on what makes us happy / makes sense to us.

  5. Exquisite point, Gaytekeeper at the end of the post, "so what if that means we have to ABANDON the notion of NO God and make our way to "paradise" by taking Atheist position and saying what if?"

    This is what so many folks need to do, to "go into the desert", as it were and face questioning, testing and uncertainty about their philosophy or beliefs. Only then can you truly understand the nature and essence of what you believe. If your beliefs cannot be held up to scrutiny, christian or atheist, then they have little value outside of their dogma.

  6. And WHAT IF people were kind to others and made the world a better place to be because it is the right thing to do, and not because they're afraid of God's wrath?




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