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Sunday, 17 January 2010


Religious extremists, (whether the Taliban in the Islamic world or Christians the world over), don’t know the difference between JUST & UN~JUST! They don't care about democracy, respecting other people's right to live differently from them, the basic principles of morality AND the humans that live on this planet. To them we are just sheep that MUST do what they say and NEVER question them because to do so means you are questioning GOD himself. Because of these things, we can have people like PAT ROBERTSON say THE HAITIAN PEOPLE ARE CURSED & DESERVED THE EARTHQUAKE.

Now because Pat’s words are based on a book that dictates God’s will (which is invisible, inaudible, and entirely unverifiable btw), there seems to be NO reality check saying that his words are WICKED and  have an inhumane effect on the world. How can we sit here and accept such garbage? When something like this happens, it is to teach us that we should be addressing the REAL problems of the world and NOT doing the I told you so dance.

It SO OBVIOUS that the world is, quite literally, irrelevant to persons like this because they know that there is NO way to conclusively demonstrate what constitutes JUST & UN~JUST. There's no way to test the assertion that God punished Haiti with a devastating earthquake and to think otherwise shows a world that you are coward that’s hiding behind a bible in God’s name; and he seems VERY confused about the concept of JUST & UN~JUST.

His confusion is one found between what one is and what one does; and sinner is the generic term of what Haiti is in his mind. Therefore that means there were NO JUST people living in Haiti? I know here in the Bahamas most Christians share the sentiments of Pat Robertson…I suppose the difference to them is that there are MORE saints than sinners here so that’s why things like that don’t happen to us. But from what I remember about the bible, doesn’t it say that we all fall short of the perfection of God? So how could being a JUST nation not make us have a heart towards Haiti?

The OBVIOUS problem with paralleling the JUST & the UN~JUST is that most Christians have this belief that though the church is filled with sinners (adulterers, homosexuals and the like), as long as there is more of them they are safe. But I was taught in high school that ONE bad apple spoils the bunch, so there goes their theory. In my opinion being JUST is like saying certain cars go very fast, so if I am speeding it is expected!

Christians are NEVER above pretending to be more righteous than others and comments like Pat’s MORE than prove that! It is MORE than obvious that the reality is gone AND the brake lines of morality have been cut. I used to believe that ALL religions stamp us as ‘newborn’ with ‘their’ programming hoping to save us from ‘who knows what’ or, for some ‘God knows where’. As I write more entries like this, I am becoming more aware that the reason why SO many accept words from Pat et al is because they themselves struggle with flaws of their own AND know all too well their shortcomings…If ONLY we had the ‘Teach thyself first how to love, show kindness AND be aware of each other on this planet,’ all the ‘relic religions’ that give certain men the power to become the ‘religious spokesmen/salesmen’ for many would cease to exist…


  1. Robertson is a delusional fool. What is more of a mystery is why anybody believes the filth that spews from his foul mouth.

  2. ...what a picture!

  3. Attention should not be paid to Pat Robertson.

    While we are trying to figure it out, it has already been worked out by a higher power.




  5. What I fail to understand why we let people be the voice of an entire religion! It really saddens me so much. Stick to the script, use the whole script, and nothing but the script. Let God word ya mouth and foolery like this won't occur!




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