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Saturday, 04 July 2009


DROPS OF JUPITER (TELL ME) is an alternative rock song by California rock band Train on their second album Drops of Jupiter (2001). It was their first single from the album, and hit the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 5 and remaining in the Top 40 for 38 weeks.[1] The song has spent over 100 weeks on the Adult Contemporary charts, and is still charting on the recurrent chart. Although the song was released years before digital download became commonplace, the song has sold over 100,000 downloads (giving it a Gold certification by the RIAA), and hit the top 50 of the Digital Downloads charts five years after its release due to Ace Young singing it on the fifth seasonof American Idol. I chose this song because of its unique and enigmatic lyrics, the meaning of song has been the subject of many speculation so feel free to come up with your own…As you do, I hope that you allow the references to the planets, stars, galaxies and so on gives that otherworldly feeling…I feel this song is bound to change your worldview if you endeavor to enlighten yourself. I hope that you would realize that there is more in the universe than our imaginations are capable of bringing to life when you hear this song…


  1. I have loved this song for so long and never really knew the song's title.

    It makes me dream of having peace and strong ties to love.

  2. LOve this SONG!!!!!!

    I want to be that girl....no I want some one to see me as this girl. wow. perfection.

  3. I have always loved this song ... thanks for reminding me.


  4. Excellent song - timeless classic

    Still love it and yes I would like to be the girl he's singing about

  5. Ive heard this song before but have not actually listened to the words or even had much interest in listening to the entire song.




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