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Tuesday, 05 May 2009


So I got splashed by none other than the one and only COREY the other day and I have to say that it took me by surprise. Nonetheless, I humbly accept this award with pride. For accepting The Splash award, the rules are:
  • Put the logo on your blog post.
  • Nominate up to 9 blogs which allure, amuse, bewitch, impress or inspire you.
  • Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  • Let them know that they have been splashed by commenting on their blog.
  • Remember to link to the person from whom your received your Splash award.

And now I present the following bloggers with this award…


BJÖRNS BRUTZELBUDE – This blogger and I connected a few months ago and I have to say that he is someone that I would keep in contact with forever. He is from Hamburg Germany and though his English isn’t perfect he doesn’t let that stop him from reading what I put here on my blog…This man is given this award because he has a heart of gold and knows how to have fun while enjoying life.


BROOKLYN’S POETIC LEDE – This spoken word poet/artist is a woman who simply tells it like it is without hesitation. I think of her as that Renaissance Black Woman that embraces, connects with AND enjoys her womanhood. The world maybe experiencing a global shortage when it comes to women, but if you read her blog you wouldn’t know it. 


COLLEGEGUY’S WORDS – When you read his blog you’ll find that he is someone that is SO much more than a simple guy. When I read his blog I get the sense that I am reading someone who has the world in the palm of his hands with the universe being his limit. I dare say that he is on the right track and he got this honor because he is definitely one to watch.


JOURNEY OF WOMAN SCORNED – She started out an angry, bitter, hurt, scorned woman, but now she has found herself going down the road that may actually lead to happiness and understanding of self and love. This SCORNED WOMAN DARED to put her personal business out there on a daily basis. She actually made me see that you can forgive someone after they’ve destroyed your heart N’ soul. This woman is SO strong and I envy her EVERY TIME I read her blog…So walk down that road with her and see for yourself…


KA-OS – This blogger brings to mind the irresistible force paradox that asks, what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? He and I have butted heads a few times on my blog that led to him taking up the issue on his blog. I am MORE than happy that the gay community has a soldier like him and I look forward to more dialogue with this misanthropic, moody twenty-something who thrives on conflict.


L. M. ROSS – There are certain bloggers out there that mere words cannot do them justice, but they will have to do…To say that his blog is one of my favorite would be an understatement. When I read his blog, I always leave feeling fulfilled with a yearning for just a little more. But don’t take my word for it, find out about him for yourself…


POINT & SHOOT – It stands to reason that the blogs that exist in the blogosphere are an extension of its author and this saying is never more true when it comes to this blog. On any given day his blog can give you a range of energies that would take you on a fun-loving, ride that can make you forget whatever ails you. So go and check out why he got this award…


SANYA – This blog is where the ego and the id join forces. This man gives you something on his blog that cannot be matched. He says that, ‘he is young in body, old in head. I speak, I listen, I read, I write, I act, I play, I debate, I discuss, I fool, I smile and I sulk. All the makings of a person that needs to be highlighted because he is a leader and is one that isn’t afraid to challenge the majority…Go and read for yourself…


SOZO’S BLOGWhen this blog loads, you automatically get the feeling that you are not just reading another blog. Within its pages you find a man who puts it out there he gives you his heart N’ soul with side order of candy…all the things that make us who we are as people. His blog is one that I read on a daily and I hope that you will as well…


  1. ok I have to be excited to be first...hahaha

  2. Now to comment....lol

    I have and must admit this title had my mine in the gutter...damn, I was thinking you did something wet on your b-day....lol Okay stop that Kinshar ...I know that is what your saying...lol

    BUT...congrats on your award...muah

  3. You were splashed back!


  4. Wow, thank you very much. I appreciate the splash and the kind words. I got to think about who I want to splash now! LOL

  5. First of all, I'd like to thank my agent, my fabulous publicist, my make-up artist, my fluffer, the humble mortals who voted for me, the woman on the check-out in Tesco, my 7th grade teacher, my friends, and my friends with benefits, the Wizard of Oz, and of course, God and/or Jesus Christ...


    In all seriousness, I'm blushing; just to get a mention is an honour. The question is, sir, who's the irresistible force, and who's the immovable object? Thank you - there's nothing like validation from one's peers.

    I don't know if I could "splash" - I'd feel guilty naming some and not others. One thing's for certain - you'd get splashed from head to toe.


  6. And thanks again for splashing me! I'll be sure to post a "hole" for you soon since I know you like them. =)

  7. :-) Thank you! I have a big smile on my ...also red... face! I will in a few days splash also! Thank you! Dankeschön, Björn

  8. Wow! When I heard I was splashed, I was like huh? What does that even mean? Then I read it...I was really shocked and surprised, but extremely happy all at the same time! Thank you so much for your recognition Kishna, it means a lot to me that my words have an impact on you, and others. This is truly an honor. I'm now faced with the task of having to find 9 blogs to splash...lol I am certain however, that yours will most definitely be amongst those. You're amazing as well. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!




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