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Sunday, 01 March 2009


If I were to say that I HATED THE CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE and not actual Christians; that would be blasphemous right? There is this HUGE part of me that thinks that the practice of CHRISTIANITY is immoral and that no one needs to be Christian…I mean it’s a LIFESTYLE choice and Christians can change! RIGHT? Hell that would be TOO easy; but a GAY man can dream can he? But as I write this, there is NO doubt that we GAY men AND women are the YING to the YANG of CHRISTIANITY. I mean think about it, we are public enemy number 1 and the church would be just a building with singing AND noise for NO reason @ all… The suffering we have endured at the hands of religion is limitless. They say that GOD DOESN’T MAKE MISTAKES…YET WE EXISTHow does one explain that? Hell God knew what were before we came so why would he allow mistakes like us to plague the world with our sinfulness? They DANGEROUSLY squander their moral authority by continuing a pattern of discrimination in the name of the lord. Funny how the Lord doesn’t need a mouth piece huh? Especially a mere man he himself created to serve him AND NOT act in his absence…I suppose with BOTH of us NOT having a choice, there can be NO moral responsibility. RIGHT? I mean CHRISTIANS choose to HATE and LAMBASTE us in the same vain we choose to be the immoral defects so they can have some purpose…If only the church could demonstrate GOD’S LOVE and reach out to us in the spirit of friendship rather than IGNORANCE or HATRED. I mean we ALL have fallen short of God's standards…SO NOW WHAT? I say they REACQUAINT themselves with their bibles AND try to understand what really is there. SHIT IF HOMOSEXUALITY WERE A MORAL THREAT, WON’T JESUS TELL US WE HAVE A DIVINE RIGHT TO HANDLE SUCH DEMONS? I WONDER HOW CHRISTIANS WOULD FEEL IF WE TOLD THEM THAT THEY ARE NOT FIT TO PARENT & SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO MARRY OR ADOPT? I CAN IMAGINE HOW AFRAID THEY’LL FEEL WHEN WE TELL THEM THAT THEY WON’T GO TO HEAVEN BECAUSE GOD CONDEMNS THEIR IMMORAL HEARTS? F&CK I WISH WE WOULD ACT LIKE THEM IF ONLY FOR A DAY…WOULD THEY CONSIDER US TO BE THE ANTI-CHRISTIAN SEVEN HEADED DEMON THE BIBLE TALKS ABOUT? I THINK NOT! I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT MAYBE, JUST MAYBE THEY’D FEEL LIKE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS THAT CAN’T BREATHE BECAUSE THEY ARE @ THE MERCY OF PERSONS THAT SIMPLY DON’T WANT THEM TO LIVE…WHO KNOWS MAYBE IF THE TABLES WERE TURN, THEY’D THANK GOD THEY ARE SINNERS JUST LIKE US…


  1. All I can say is that God I no longer rely on any institution for validation or acceptance. It would be cool if we could tolerate one another and live and let live. However, the world has always consisted of "the others." A person who can justify her/his rationale for discrimination with any sacred text is misguided and potentially dangerous. Let them have the upper hand. Let them stand high and look low. We ALL must stand before God (my personal belief) and give an account for the lives we've lived. I'm willing to look God in the face (whatever He looks like) and take responsibility for the things I've done. How will a person -gay or straight- justify creating an environment of fear, intimidation, and inequality? Folks just don't get it.

    Faithfully submitted,
    Assistant Pastor Losojosnuevos

  2. I don't need to give an account of my life to anyone, except perhaps myself, and those who're important to me. I don't need the threat of some vague Santa Claus figure judging me at the end of my life to make me be a good person *now*.

    It's mind-boggling that supposedly intelligent people in the 21st century still fall for this shit.

    So where was God on 9/11?

    "Everything happens for a reason, God has a plan" is the usual get-out. Well ain't that convenient.

    TG-K - excellent post. Keep telling the truth.

  3. Hey I believe in God...but when I go to church and my pastor starts talking about all this gay stuff...and how wrong it is..it makes me so maaaaaaaaaaad. My thing is this..how can we contridict ourselves...if we say God forgives, and accepts us as we are...why cant he accept who I love.

    Just doesnt make sense to me, how are you??




  7. Sad but the truth.

    I turned my back on the church for years now. But i still believe in God.

    Condemn us if they want I wont lose my faith.

  8. Jesus sure does look scrumptious in that pic with them big feet of his.

    You know what they say about men on crosses with big feet....


  10. This is as far as I know, it's reality as I know it today. I'm forever learning. And pardon the length:

    GOD'S CREATIONS: Yes, GOD doesn't make mistakes. Why would he? How can something that you know is all that you are, that feels natural, be a mistake? Why would GOD deliberately create chaos and pain for you? What kind of a GOD would HE be? Is he a vindictive GOD? Does HE love others, but hate some? If HE was that way, how can HE then ask us or expect us to love HIM and obey HIM?

    GOD'S MOUTHPIECE: Whenever GOD needed to speak to mankind, HE has always used priests and prophets as HIS 'mouthpiece'. But unfortunately, many have fallen by the wayside. They have given in to their own hearts and minds. But when you're a priest or prophet, you always need to guard what you do, what you say, and the places you go to. This is very important. Otherwise, you end up doing wrong things. And here examples are plenty. You also need to stay close to GOD through prayer, and constantly ask for wisdom & knowledge. This is also very important. You cannot function without it, otherwise you'll lead people astray. Wisdom is vast. It relates to understanding GOD's ways/messages. It relates to being able to interact with the rest of humanity & it relates to how you should live and function in this world.

    THE BIBLE: I will use myself as an example and tell you what role the bible plays in my life. I can NEVER, for the life of me, memorise the bible. I agonised about it for some time, I was even embarrassed about this 'problem'. No matter how much I tried, I could not, unlike other 'good' Christians. I cannot recite to you what Matthew 4 V 16 says. So, how can I work for GOD and yet be unable to quote the good book?
    I read the bible to cleanse my spirit whenever I'm troubled by thoughts that are not right. And it reinforces SOME (note the word some) of the things I'm asked to pass on. So, I don't read the bible, memorise it, and the use what I read as a message. NO. It's the other way round. Understanding what you're reading, the context in which you're reading it, and how you should read the bible, requires knowledge.

    CHRISTIANS & PASSING JUDGEMENT: Whether Christians or not, it is not our place to judge. But judging is not the same as showing a person the right way. What you say to someone, how you say it, your intention behind what you're saying, never ever looking at your own shortcomings, speaking when it is not GOD HIMSELF who is directing you - all of this is arrogance and can be explained as judging others.

    But how is another person supposed to sift through the rubble and confusion? EVERYONE OF US has the spirit of GOD within them, and that spirit, which can also be explained as your conscience, is our guide. So then, if that is the case, why are so many people confused by what so-called Christians say? Because either, we reject GOD by the lives we live, we refuse to acknowledge that HE exists, or we lack the wisdom to know when HE speaks to us. If we learned to listen, we would all hear what HE's telling us. The truth is within each and every one of us.

    YOU: There are a lot of things that you know and understand, because you are such a spiritual person. You have a lot of answers within you and I say you continue to rely upon your internal 'compass' to navigate this world. The only thing you shouldn't do is to confuse GOD with man. Man falls short of the glory of the Almighty. When you acknowledge GOD, and HIS presence within you, HE becomes your teacher & counsellor. You don't necessarily need another person to do so. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW HIGH & RESPECTED THAT PERSON IS.

    Lastly, we are all sinners, meaning we offend GOD in one way or the other. We offend HIM in big ways (murders, rapes, disrespecting our parents, etc), and we offend HIM in smaller ways (being unkind to others, being arrogant, never forgiving others or asking for forgiveness when we are wrong, hating others, etc).

  11. Very interesting. I am on the other side of the ideological spectrum when it comes to religion. I appreciate your candor and I find your opinion through im assuming your experience intriguing. Religion can be a very exigent topic to discuss. However through my experiences, despite the hatred that spews from the pulpit I have found an inner peace with myself and with those who find trouble with homosexuals. My journey brought me to the Episcopal church, the only denomination to my knowledge that has an openly gay Bishop. Of course the very traditional in the church has taken arms against this but the outcry of support from around the country for this brave man is astounding. I too found my way in the church before I even knew what a Bishop was. I struggled my freshman year to find my identity and the members of the church where helpful and never condescending. I can recall pride in 2007 I believe where I marched in the gay parade with the Episcopal church. It was a revealing experience to say the least. I felt proud that as a Christian, I was doing the right thing.

  12. Forgive me, please. Can I just add one last thing?

    I think we should remind ourselves who a Christian is. As far as I know, a Christian is someone who believes that Jesus was and is GOD's only son, and that HE is the Messiah. A Christian is also a person who follows Jesus' teachings of love, compassion, forgiveness and humility.

    If at any time, a person finds themselves practising what is contrary to these principles, I do not know how they can claim to be Christians.

    I think that particularly in modern times, the word Christianity is being used very loosely.

  13. I've always found it interesting how those "holier than thou" folk r quick to quote the bible, judge, and damn near condemn someone to hell...but doesn't the bible say thou shall not judge...hmmmm

  14. What if I told you the bible gives supporting scripture to men and women being born gay?

  15. Where do i begin?????? Christianity has become about hatred and condemnation as opposed to love, acceptance and kindness. We have so become caught up in ''playing christians''- getting dressed and going to church everyday. Is that what God really wants for us. Let's not focus on hate but on LOVE.

  16. Wow! You've described the christian "lifestyle" so well! Sooo..is it really anything to emulate or hold as any higher than ourselves? I loved how you flipped their own rhetoric around and don't think I'M NOT GOING TO USE IT MYSELF! You know, the bible is replete with all the spiritual principles known to man, but they can never be presented in their fullness because they are all to often cloaked in RELIGION. Religion will NEVER serve us well! We've never had a place (and shouldn't even DESIRE a place) in religion! We are SPIRIT BEINGS in an earthly body! Take the things of spirit and GROW AND PROSPER! As long as we try to do it under the weight of religion we will ALWAYS be BOUND! Gayte-keeper! I have never commented so much in one place at one time! Thank you for the forum and some WONDERFUL posts!

  17. My view on being a follower of Christ is different

    That being said I feel that most people have a selective type of Christianity but I have no respect for anyone who takes the stance of condemnation as opposed to understanding and love.




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