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Monday, 30 March 2009


Have you ever wondered why some of us gay men seem to worship N’ encourage the “DL” man? I mean these are men who have sex with other men, then TRY to appear STRAIGHT while having relationships with women; and don't acknowledge being gay OR bisexual. On top of that, they don't identify with the GAY community @ all. Guess this means that they share NO part in the HIV/AIDS epidemic? All fine qualities don’t you think? Nonetheless, these men are seen as THE equivalent to Clark Kent and Superman in my book. By day they are like Clark Kent going about their day, but @ night they turn into Superman…THE SAVIORS N’ PROTECTORS OF THE GAY COMMUNITY! RIGHT? After all isn’t it these men that talk straight men out of being violent toward gay men? Never mind the FACT they have NO problem calling a gay man a faggot around their friends OR deny their gay lover to prevent himself from being outed. Better yet, can you see him using his so-called STRAIGHT IMAGE as leverage to talk homophobes out of being physically violent toward gay men? Imagine him telling his friends that YOU DON’T NEED TO KILL THIS FAGGOT, HE ISN’T WORTH GOING TO JAIL OVER…It is SO nice to have a homophobe that can rationalize with another homophobe in such a manner; isn’t it? I mean they make it SO much easier for us to breathe on this planet that we use them as scapegoats, when it is WE that’s the problem with HOMOSEXUALITY. THANK GOD they exist because without them, women would not have gay friends; and fewer of them would be single. I mean HOMOSEXUALITY is all about a man having a woman AND a GAY man on the side…right? It is they who like Superman fly out to rescue a GAY man in need. The ““DL” ” man rescues that SEX-STARVED HOMOSEXUAL that is simply DYING for the wood that he thinks is STRONG ENOUGH FOR A MAN, BUT MADE A WOMAN…After all we are familiar with each other in some shape, form OR fashion, so this would be a way for some gay men to get their rocks off…Without “DL” men, most of us would be sexually unsatisfied; and why should we live without THE reason we exist? Sex with a ““DL” ” man means that we are trading up AND NO longer have to settle for the bathhouses OR sex parties. More over we don’t have to try to CONVERT STRAIGHT men because they have done that for us, isn’t that just special? They just warm the carcass of my ass…AND ALL THEY GIVE IS AN UNBALANCED VIEW OF OURSELVES THAT FURTHERS THE BELIEF THAT WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. SO INSTEAD OF US BEING HONEST WITH OURSELVES, WE LOOK IN THE MIRROR, SEE EVERYONE ELSE’S TRUTH BUT OUR OWN. HENCE MY WEIRD & STRANGE BELIEF THAT THERE ISN’T ENOUGH ASSESSMENT OF THE GAY MAN’S PERSPECTIVE WITHIN THE COMMUNITY. NO ONE IS SEARCHING FOR SOME SORT OF RESOLUTION HERE; & THIS INAPPROPRIATE FORM OF IDENTITY WE RELY ON TO EXIST IS A TWISTED WAY OF MAINTAINING ONE’S MANHOOD…BUT IT IS FUNNY ACTUALLY HOW THE ““DL” ” MAN ALMOST ALWAYS MEANS THAT YOU ARE SOME WHAT NORMAL?


  1. It is so gross to me how the DL lifestyle is glorified. The true pioneers are those who are not afraid to say who they are, and what they stand for. It's like trying to hide your blackness. Are you ashamed of being what you actually are. So wearing a fitted and a jersey automatically make you "straight". It makes me wanna throw up!

  2. I agree, the DL shame should not be celebrated, we need to change that image

  3. My favorite conversation with a guy on the DL - flashback..."straight bar" in New Orleans 1998...
    After drunkenly propositioning this fine man he smiles, "But, I'm straight."
    "So's spagetti till you get it hot." Quacks a drag queen on the corner of the bar.
    My friend smiles back, "And I do like spagetti."
    Here, in Tijuana - there are also a legion of men on the DL - except it is called 'ambiente'. Which sounds sexier...

  4. nah man. i don't even understand! the DL man is NOT respected round here. Its you're either you're gay or you're not. And if you accept yourself then we accept you.

    I know about three DL men and like i think to myself, but why are you lying for. its stupid, cowardly and devinately not worship worthy.

    Bun the DL man!

    Hail the Gay! Hail the Bisexual, and hail the straight.


    Every man/woman regardless of their sexual orientation is good enough. It is who you are inside, and what you choose to do with your life that defines who you are, and even then only God can judge us.


  6. I love that picture, i missed the beach!

  7. Aaa yes, the notoriously famous 'DL' man.

    Is he still alive? But why does he continue to thrive despite his works, which as I've heared through the grapevine are not worth celebrating over?

    Jus' wonderin'...

  8. It is rather pathetic that some of us glorify and seek out ''DL Men''. Why should we glorify men who are in straight relationships yet engage in sex with men. This is reckless and has the potential to be devastating to these women. It is not about casting judgment but about encouraging us as men and as a people to be honest about who we are and not to destroy the lives of unsuspecting females. These men want 2 have their proverbial cake and eat it too.

    u crack me UP!!!!!

  10. I think the DL man is misunderstood.

    Just because the DL man chooses to hide his sexuality doesn't mean he should be scorned.

    Should the gay man ALWAYS wear their sexuality on their sleeve??

    Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that everything the DL man does is ok, but is everything an openly out gay man does alright?

    I think have to say I sit on the fence when it comes to the DL man. Don't be so hard on them. Any gay man knows the lifestyle isn't the easiest, so is it wrong for the DL man to want to keep their life a secret?


  11. I love it!
    This is tru comedy
    Well I am happy that the gay men have protectors the super hero that saves us from the other men [gay as well if I'm asked] that ant to kill us for being gay.
    Why is it so hard to get away from delusion - the Bible does say that a man would rather believe a lie than the truth
    Ain't that the truth




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