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Friday, 27 February 2009


Celebrities dominate news, fashion AND trends…influencing how we speak, what we wear, AND who we hang out with. This world is in such a sad place because we try SO hard to be them that we cannot see that they are NOT even who they say they are. From the various games they play in order to navigate the snake pit of Hollywood, celebrities are demi-Gods here on this planet and I find this obsession rather unnecessary…I mean why do we REALLY care what Miley Cyrus wore to the Oscars or who she is dating on CNN? I mean she is ONLY 16…(And don’t me get started on the Jonas Brothers)…I mean we are SO consumed by them that we cannot tell the real from the fake…Madonna is going on tour (AGAIN) I mean what gives? Can’t she NOT try to make a gallizion more dollars this year? And can she pass that message onto Bruce Springsteen and the rest? I am just saying…I mean how can we resist blowing a whole wad of cash on celebs such as these? Then we like fools buy EVERY beauty gimmick to age GRACEFULLY (amazing huh?) and try various diets because so and so does it…(kinda childish…I think so)…I GET IT! Who wants to look like a 100 when they can look like they are 30? How weird that they are JUST like us yet we REFUSE to see that…They present this POSITIVE BODY IMAGE, while TRYING to stay within a weight range that’ll make them neither ANOREXIC nor FAT. Talk about the picture of PERFECT health…And NO one, I mean NO one is more modest than a celebrity. They would win an award, weep as if a gold statuette is a personalized gift from heaven…THANK GOD I fell asleep on the OSCARS this past Sunday…The HORROR…RIGHT? Who needs that? And for God’s sake, please don’t throw a baby into the mix…This REALLY brings out I AM ECCENTRIC, therefore I am BETTER than you because my child has a weird name and you wish he/she were your child…(gimme a break!)…But hey, maybe I am being TOO hard on them…I mean they didn’t ask to be famous; they ONLY did EVERYTHING in their power to become famous…So I guess I should excuse them for expressing concern about the planet as they try NOT to be political? What is that all about? So when they take off the makeup AND do NORMAL things in their NORMAL life, I suppose they are JUST like us…UH-HUH! BUT I HAVE TO GIVE IT TO THEM, THEY’VE MANAGED TO MAKE US BELIEVE THAT TALENT IS EQUIVALENT TO A GREAT MARKETING PLOY WHEN IT IS NOT…I GUESS BEYONCE IS RIGHT, SHE IS A LEGEND!SO AS SHE & THE FORBES ELITE LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK WITH OUR HUMANITY IN TOW, I HOPE WE CAN TAKE THEIR PRODUCTS TO THE GROCERY STORE, THE UTILITY COMPANY & CASH IN CAUSE LORD KNOWS THEY CERTAINLY ARE…


  1. The UK is even more obsessed with the cult of celebrity than the US. People live their lives through these empty husks. People who are famous just for being famous, and at best vacuous husks supported only by PR.

    People in the public eye should carry the kind of nutritional information that food carries: i.e. Paris Hilton is 100% saturated fat, 100% salt, 0% vitamin A, B & C.

    These people, and this empty celebrity culture are utterly toxic to our mental well-being. We need to filter them out, ignore the inane titillation, mindless gossip, and give our attention to that which matterss. Otherwise, the mind will wither and die.

  2. Celebrities represent, at least on the outside & when they leave the comfort of their high walls & gated communities, those things that many aspire to but can only dream of: glitz, glamour, money, beauty & fame.

    And because they represent a dream & an illusion in most cases, we worship them, flatter them, and lap up their every word, eccentricities & ridiculous behaviors.

    We think that all of these things we think they represent mean power, influence, the easy life, endless parties, & the ability to buy anything our hearts desires.

  3. celebs...it's scary how they are worshipped

  4. Well done....I had to agree....!!!!!

  5. This is what makes me sooooo glad that im not a celebrity....

    when are we going to leave them the hell alone??!!

  6. Yup we worship celebrities as if they are gods on earth. There are some i must admit have used their status for good and to effect positive changes globally and are good examples on how to be good citizens of planet earth.There are others who we should in no shape or form reward their wreckless,negative and materialistic lives.

  7. Who can read this and not shake their head.

  8. It's a filler
    Our lives are either spent living or obsessing and lots of us love to obsess

    Hollywood is providing the service for us - it's all well choreographed and everyone has a team that helps them to get a certain desired image - some people fall off the tracks and are a complete train wreck - but most of it isn't real @ all

  9. .... oh & the people with more cash than they will ever need to spend really need to do more to help the community even if it's only the area where they came from [Beyonce] 'cause there is so much more work to be done and the people with the resources to help are just not




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