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Sunday, 18 January 2009


Have you ever noticed how things in life play out? We are born, then we die AND in between we live while allowing the mysteries of HOW and WHEN to consume us. I, like the next man HATE when BAD things happen in this world, but I constantly remind myself that such things are a part of GOD’S PLAN. Though we feel tired AND overwhelmed by the pressures of life, we must try our hardest to remain HOPEFUL that things will play themselves out in a POSITIVE manner. For me to keep my HOPE IN GOD’S PLAN, I ANCHOR myself to the belief that God knows my needs AND wants and it is just a matter of HIS time when I will come to a better place in my journey. It is all about NOT trying to figure out the next moment as it will come AND know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. It is when we do NOT anchor ourselves to GOD’S PLAN that we end up feeling disappointed. So many of us end up giving up on our dreams and just settle where we are when we are meant for so much more. When we purposefully cut ourselves off from this flow and from the embrace of GOD’S PLAN, we avoid dealing with life AND shun the necessary steps for growth AND thus prevent good things from happening to us. So why live as a SLEEPWALKER who is NOT fully awake to life? Isn’t it time that we REAFFIRM OUR HOPE IN GOD’S PLAN FOR THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT’LL GROUND & KEEP US? I AM TIRED OF LIVING AMONG MEN & WOMEN WHOSE SENSE OF PURPOSE & THE ABILITY TO COPE DOES NOT EXIST. ISN’T IT TIRING FEELING EMPTY WITH A DEEP SENSE OF LONGING WHILE FEELING UNWORTHY OF LOVE? WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO ADAPT & THRIVE IN LIFE AS LONG AS WE KEEP BELIEVING…I KNOW THAT I WAS CREATED TO LIVE IN VICTORY & RISE ABOVE THE ILLS OF THIS WORLD, IS THERE ANYONE ELSE OUT THAT HAS THE FAITH TO KEEP THE HOPE IN GOD’S PLAN?


  1. Yes, GOD knows our needs and wants. After all, are we not his very own creation. He knows us better that we know ourselves.

    I believe and I once clashed with someone over this view, that I don't need to bother GOD by continuously asking HIM for things because he already knows what it is I need. Up to this far, I have
    never had to ask GOD for anything.

    But as you say, it is when we don't anchor ourselves to GOD's plan that we become disappointed. Is it not because for some of us, the idea of the existence of GOD does not exactly hold true? So we rely upon ourselves thinking that we know best, when we actually don't. We therefore create our own paths, deviating from GOD's plans. And so we fail and wonder why.

    You say that you were created to live in victory. I believe it. I cannot see you living your life any other way. You are too precious a gift.

  2. This photo is just amazingly beautiful

  3. Hey babes....Im back now

    off to read!!

  4. Everything happens for a reason..only God sometimes knows that reason. We need to start taking our negatives and turning them into positives.

    Hey sweets been missing you!!

  5. Preach it buddy. ;)

    people get into this. ;) lol

  6. Yes I agree but also we need to listen to what God is saying to us we need to seek his guidance and ask him to direct us in the path that has been set out for us & then trust him to lead us to our goal

  7. These words come to mind.... Trust in the Lord with all of thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding but in all of thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy path.
    We got to trust and hope that no matter what the situation , you are where you need to be ,though we may not see it.

  8. Love the picture! Where'd you get it...is it part of a set..





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