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Tuesday, 18 November 2008


When I am close friends with someone, I intuitively know when they need a hug, a helping hand, or a sympathetic ear. Likewise, when I am going through bleak periods in my life, I count on friends to support me through LOSS, HEART ACHE and OTHER SETBACKS, both big AND small. And while part of being a good friend means being there when the other person needs me, I find that is JUST as important for them to be there for me. After all, who else would my friends want to celebrate their PROMOTIONS, GRADUATIONS, MARRIAGES and GOOD NEWS with? As of late I have found myself NOT wanting to be there for my friends because our relationship is NOT equal. They’ve become SO busy with their own lives that they can’t simply make the time to pick a phone to call and say, I AM JUST CALLING BECAUSE…How can people get SO fixated on their happiness that they forget who was there when they were sad? I know that being a GOOD friend is more than me being there for my friends during the bad times, I know that there is SO much more…@ least I am on the right track…LIFE IS EMPTY WITHOUT SOMEONE TO SHARE IT WITH, & I AM OF THE OPINION THAT IF YOU CAN’T COUNT ON FRIENDS THEN WHO CAN YOU COUNT ON? AFTER ALL, IT IS THE PEOPLE WE CHERISH THAT WE WANT AROUND US TO SING @ OUR EARTH~DAYS, VISIT OUR NEWBORN BABIES & RAISE A GLASS TO TOAST EACH MILESTONE. I FIND IT INTERESTING THAT IS THE FIRST CHRISTMAS THAT I WON’T BE HOSTING ANY EVENTS FOR MY FRIENDS. FOR SOME ODD REASON I DON’T THINK THEY HONOR THE ENERGY THAT IS BEING CREATED DURING SUCH A JOYOUS TIME OF THE YEAR. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO CELEBRATE EACH OTHER, RELISH IN OUR HAPPINESS & ENRICH OUR FRIENDSHIPS…I GUESS THAT IS ALL WISHFUL THINKING…TOO BAD I AM JUST A FAIR WEATHER FRIEND…


  1. "LIFE IS EMPTY WITHOUT SOMEONE TO SHARE IT WITH." This is so true and has been the way my life has been for a long while. Friends are a luxurary that i guess im not meant to have at this point. having someone treat you as equally as u do them is something people take lightly. Having someone in my life that I know is going to be there thru the good and the bad times is something i have yet to experience

    Sometimes we aren't bestowed with the blessings of sociability. I've had to learn in so many harsh ways that life is what you MAKE it, and in doing so, you must take whatever you have and make what you want. Whether or not it's empty, this is reality for me. Which is why ALL of my happiness or contentment comes from pure fantasies. People will always be less than what we would hope they'd be.

    A good and newfound acquaintence of mine told me just before I allowed my heart to become submerged beneath the waters of hate for society - "You should never expect anything from anyone. It's when you expect love, care, or concern that you'll inevitably be disappointed. But when you go into any type of friendship expecting absolutely nothing, when they give you NOTHING, you will not have lost anything emotionally."

  3. WOW! This message is for the three of you: Gaytekeeper, tru3logic, & Xivinrah.
    First let me say that I wish to extend the olive branch of friendship to you. (I know, Xivinrah, I already have.) I know distance makes that difficult, but not impossible!
    Second this should be an email dialogue just because there's a lot to talk about so give me your emails and we can contiue there, if you are interested.
    Lastly, in short, yes life is empty without someone to share it with and life is what you make it, but by GOD that doesn't mean except not having friends, calling yourself a fair-weather friend, or finding happiness just in your fantasies. I don't want come off as insulting so PLEASE don't take this that way. The problem with those ideas is that basically you are robbing yourself by diminishing your light on the account of others. You do have to accept that sometimes your standards of frienship may be HIGHER than others...but by NO means do you LOWER your standards to match the ones around you...get new friends! =)

  4. WHOA!! I love your page.....

    What a way to wait it out....lol

  5. So damn true! I know how it feels to feel like your giving so much of yourself into a friendship where you are ultimately taken advantage of. A few of my "friends" are when-i-need-you "frieds" and as bad as it is I just cant cut them off....but I can distance myself from them.

    good on you! do somethingf oryou this christmas....or go to all of their houses and eat up all they food and drink and be merry! lol

    P.S that poll is RIDICULOUS! Made me laugh so hard!

  6. Wow....this is one of those posts that really hit home for me as well. I have found myself in the same predicament. However, I think Pharoh and Xivinrah summed up exactly how I feel and have learned to deal with this issue. I think the biggest thing for me is that I give sooooo much and when I am exhausted or need someone to give to me, I'm expecting EXACTLY what was given. The reality is, some of us were built to be givers and others simply receivers (wow, I won't take that too far...LOL). And then there are those who can do both. I'm of the opinion that if we're true friends, you will have my last if u need it. I have learned though, to identify what I can depend on each of my friends for, and I'm not disappointed when I'm in need because I have an idea of which one can give me what I need at the moment. It's tough when u're the giver....but u have to stay in the game. Everyone is in your life for a reason....eventually u'll find what you need even if it comes from various sources.

  7. maybe we all just need a hug

  8. Ok, being honest, I didn't read the post...I just looked at the picture and wanted to say, "Great photo!"

    Now I'm going to read the post :)

  9. I value my friends and frienships because you can't trust too many people these days, and a great friend doesn't come by easily.

  10. AWWW UM gayte-keeper! Yeah I contend with Xivinrah. It is mad crazy because I DEFINITELY KNOW where you are coming from with that. People come and go...Real Friends will make their efforts known (i.e. ME LOL) and check on those they most care about! *Hugs* Yeah...Hang in there. I'm going to get with you though...we need to chat it up.




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