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Thursday, 02 October 2008


So, you've been seeing him on and off for a bit. You hold hands (in private). You don’t spend every free moment together. You guys don’t really communicate with each other…And you won’t introduce him to persons that are close to you…He is NOT your boyfriend, your husband, partner OR special friend, he is what I would call a PRACTICE BOY. BUT WHO IS A PRATICE BOY? If I were to put it simply, he would be that MAN that gives you EVERYTHING you want AND NOTHING @ all. He is VERY treacherous and he does NOT live as if his sexuality is one of GOD’S gifts. He feels that HE is GOD’S gift! And even though he is NOT a good person to have around, he somehow manages to establish a FEAR-BASED attachment with way too many of us. While his incentives may be financial, they are by NO means his reason for living like this. He is VERY much experienced AND devoid of principles. He LOVES himself SO much that he’ll get with anyone he so desires. It could be your lover OR friend, it does NOT matter…the ONLY thing that matters is him. Which makes him DANGEROUS because as knows how to treat a man (when it comes to sex). He’ll use his MOUTH, TONGUE and ASS to please a man in EVERY way possible. He is that BOYISH~MAN that spreads his ass cheeks wide enough for you while holding his legs in position. He knows EXACTLY what you would want to do; and he is ALWAYS ready…making him a PERFECT mate for the desperate; and the WORST enemy for the man that wants something real. And trying to figure him out is like falling head first down a never-ending rabbit hole…IT WILL GET YOU NO WHERE! Because his reasons for living the way he does involve a mixture of positive AND negative justifications. Your best defense would be to run like hell and NOT take him on. His SELF-WORTH is wrapped up in SEX and his quest for SOCIAL STATUS. This ENIGMATIC behavior reflects his emotional distance from the world around him; and he isn’t interested in anything OR anyone unless it can benefit him. So to his disciples I say TAKE HEED AND DO WHAT HE OBVIOUSLY CAN’T…LOVE YOURSELF! I know that HE more than likely is a GREAT piece of ass (lawd knows so many of them are), but he is ONLY a distraction that keeps us LIVING the NEGATIVE part of our sexuality. He is that QUICK fix that goes TERRIBLY wrong; that will NOT be able to make up your shortcomings…that 24-hour homosexual that is about the MONEY, CARS & HIGH-END DESIGNER CLOTHES…SO USE COMMON SENSE ALONG WITH GOOD SOUND JUDGMENT TO AVOID A BOND WITH THIS INDIVIDUAL. IF YOU FIND THAT A BIT DIFFICULT, REMEMBER: THAT IT TAKES A MAN TO MAKE A LIFE WITH & A BOY TO F&CK THINGS UP. DON’T INVEST YOUR TIME & ENERGY INTO A PRACTICE BOY, HE DOES NOT DESERVE IT! TO DO ANYTHING ELSE IS OTHER THAN THAT IS ANTICLIMACTIC…


  1. this pic is HOT!!!Troy

  2. hmmm . . . I do not have a "Practice Boy", but I think I may have been him in the past.

    Now you sent me packing to think. LOL




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