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Monday, 15 September 2008


This day marks the beginning of so many things in my life; a life that so many times felt that it was placed on hold. I find life INTERESTING when events fit together PERFECTLY in my life. I’ve been without a job for about 2 months and needless to say things have been bit difficult. Nonetheless, I NEVER let go of my belief that I would find a job that could AND would satisfy me. So today I am starting a NEW job that means SO much to me on SO many levels. I will get to finally sink my teeth into something that is challenging for me AND I can start the process on OPERATION MOVE TO U. S. A. For the past few weeks and months Noel and I have been planning to move to the U. S. A. I know that this move would take a lot of planning AND preparation but we are ready. This would mean SO much for us because getting married AND trying to live in the Caribbean isn’t an option…especially since we plan on having kids…can you see the pain on our children’s faces? We are VERY much aware that we are LIVING in place that we both can appreciate but it can’t AND won’t do the same for us. I know that the U. S. A. is NOT perfect but it is 100 times better than where we are now. So my goal is to succeed @ my new job, make as much money as possible and get to the next phase of our lives…WISH ME A HAPPY FIRST DAY ON MY NEW JOB…

For as long as I remembered I’ve had this dream of transcending my reality as far as where live, my health and putting things in perspective. So here I am on two paths that are SO different yet they have me in common. I have been wanting, hoping AND praying that I would get a chance to make a difference in my life. I know that is strange for me to say but it is true nonetheless. So many of us live but our lives are NOT our own. We are made by people, places AND things that exist in our lives which can be the BIGGEST stumbling block in one’s life. Hence as of late my stumbling block has been my weight. I can sit here and say I don’t know OR why I’ve gained weight but that would be a lie. Instead I am going to own the fact that I have done this to myself AND I am lodging an attack against the things I did that got me here. So imagine my surprise when I came across a WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE. You could have guessed that I jumped @ the chance to get myself under control in the weight department. It has been crazy because over the past 2 years I have put on a considerable amount of weight AND the strange thing is that it does NOT bother. I guess I have put those superficial things behind me when it comes to looking good AND sexy as per the GAY scene. Nonetheless, I am going to CHANCE MY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD because it is NOT healthy AND it would be good for me. So today I am FULLY embracing MY journey and NOT exclude a thing. I am initiating the process of looking inside my psyche to find the things that encourage me to eat certain things that I know would inevitably harm me…SO WISH ME LUCK…

Today is about my taking those small steps for a BIG change. I find that small steps allow us to grow into a new habit and make it a permanent part of our lives, which is what I am aiming for. Even though I am two different journeys, I know that I am on one path because they both have the same goals that will only enrich AND enhance my existence. LIFE DOESN’T ALWAYS GIVE US THE US THE CHANCE TO SEE THAT TIME IS RIGHT FOR US TO MAKE CHANGES IN OUR LIVES. SO I AM OVERJOYED THAT I GET TO EXPERIENCE THIS @ THIS MOMENT IN TIME…


  1. ok cool, better late than never.

  2. good luck in your new endeavours

  3. Good luck and knock them dead...Ornald

  4. I have to say that im proud of you for stepping out and taking those chances. im still learning how to do this myself. Im praying for all ur endeavours to be a huge success.




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