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Wednesday, 03 September 2008


I can recall what is like being alone and not having someone special in my life. That time was hard and it can leave a man feeling vulnerable. However @ the heart of it all I knew that I couldn’t give in to what came my way and all in all I pulled through. This is my GREATEST wish for EVERY gay man that exists on this planet. However, so many of us still have a ways to go; and with GOOD reason…CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE DOES A GAY MAN FIND A LOVE THAT NOT ONLY CELEBRATES THE MAN HE IS BECOMING, BUT TRANSCENDS HIM AS WELL? WHAT IS THIS LOVE THING ALL ABOUT ANYWAYS & HOW CAN WE GAY MEN GET IN ON IT? BETTER YET, WHAT IS KEEPING US FROM IT? These questions made me think hard AND deep for the one thread that links a GAY man to a life of solitude and the only thing that kept coming to me was SUBJECTIVE REALITY. I read up on the subject and found that it is merely how WE attracting certain thoughts into our lives AND how these dominant thoughts manifest themselves. Therefore, when it comes to the GAY man he is in conflict with his intentions LONG before he acts on them. Hence he sabotages himself before he sets his sights on another man. Most GAY men have an abused sense of self that encompasses the MIND, BODY and SOUL. However, I believe that if we intend on IMPROVING our odds when it comes to solidifying a relationship we need to REALLY understand where we are coming from. SUBJECTIVE REALITY suggests that there is a belief system in which there is only ONE consciousness and that we are a SINGULAR consciousness and everything and everyone in OUR reality is a projection of OUR thoughts. Therefore I fell that the solution for the GAY man would come from…HIS family home? The relationship with HIS father OR male figure in his life? How about HIS friends? BETTER YET…How about that old cliché it starts with loving ONE’S SELF? Most if NOT all GAY men believe that they are NOT entitled to LOVE so they either spread their legs OR open up their mouths to receive its counterpart leaving a BITTER feeling deep within. When this happens WE create an even BIGGER problem for OURSELVES because now WE are RESPONSIBLE for OUR actions and NOT anyone else. Though the GAY man gave in to his reality, thinking uncertainty AND nothingness, he can NEVER give up the responsibility of allowing HIS thoughts to come to life in this manner…SUBJECTIVE OR NOT, WE ARE THE SOLE CREATOR IN OUR UNIVERSE. SO IF WE THINK SIN, HATRED & UNWORTHINESS THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WILL MANIFEST. SO DOESN’T MAKES SENSE FOR US TO THINK VIRTUE, LOVE & WORTHINESS BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WE NEED TO MANIFEST IN OUR LIVES IF WE WANT REAL HAPPINESS? WE NEED TO STOP LIVING AS OUR BODIES PUT OUT INTENTIONS WHEN IT DOESN’T. OUR REALITY IS DICTATED BY OUR COLLECTION OF THOUGHTS SO WE NEED TO ENSURE THAT WE ARE GIVING OURSELVES THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE @ LIFE N’ LOVE. I HAVE COME TO FIND THAT GAY MEN HAVE HUMAN DEFECT THAT CAN BE UNDONE…IT IS ALL ABOUT OUR SUBJECTIVE REALITY…TIME TO GET REAL!!!

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  1. I can see this being a photo shoot on America's Next Top Model.

    You wanna be on top?? LOL




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