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Thursday, 31 July 2008


There are openly GAY men who do not hide the fact that they are GAY in this world. You see it the WALK, the TALK, the CLOTHING and the OVERT EFFEMINATE jesters. Although they have the right to be who they are; I believe that there are certain situations where they should be who they want to be AND others where they realize that everything has its place. I have heard of MEN in DRAG going out in public AND trying to blend in with the common folk. Now where NO one wants to feel like a coward, OR be shamed in being HOMOSEXUAL, isn’t a GAY man that is doing this just an invitation for harm? From time to time, there are GAY-BASHING incidents that make headlines; however they are seen as being justified because a GAY man is trying to FORCE himself on a society that does NOT know about GAY people (OR SO IT SEEMS). Nonetheless, this CRIME is should be seen in the same vain a CRIME OF RAPE. It does NOT mean because a MAN wears a DRESS, WALK or JESTERS a certain way, that he should be violated. However we MUST bear in mind that what we have NO right to do anything about how a MAN dresses OR carries himself for it is DIVINE right to be who he wants to be. I, myself, am shocked that YOUNG men are realizing at an early age that they like men and many have acted on their temptations. So it is NO wonder these men feel it necessary to express who they are in the manner they feel. Now I have nothing against fem boys, it is just that we live in a world that is NOT GAY FRIENDLY & I CAN’T HELP BUT WONDER IF THESE MEN ARE MERELY HOMOSEXUALS OR HOMO(O)CIDAL?


  1. Yeah I agree with you here. It's just how the world spins. One can't be "out and proud" at every place, because there are still unfriendly places in the world. Yeah we're not at that point yet.

  2. I had this problem in a past relationship. And I'm in Detroit who for the most part is very homophobic. The fella would want to have "shiny" lips damn near every time we went out. You have to be mindful of where you are and how to look. period.

  3. While all that is true, I can't help but to wonder if this isn't just a little internalized homophobia leaking out.

    If it is in fact true that citizens of this country have the right to wear lip gloss if they choose or be fem if they choose, then, in my opinion, to make overt attempts to butch-up to please other people is an act of self loathing.

    The only way society will move past homo-hatred is if we keep all sorts of diversity in their face, whether they like it or not, whether they lash out or not. Period.

    Why should we be 'forced' to see hetero lives on display all the time? At least thats what I say when I accused of flaunting my sexuality. I say, "Why do you flaunt yours?" No one can ever answer that.

  4. I agree that there are certain places that gay men shouldn't go and 'flaunt' their sexuality not because I have a problem with it just because it can be really dangerous
    I also believe in freedom of expression and that freedom is infringed on daily. I guess my point is that everyone has a right to be who they are as long as they aren't hurting / violating others and the way to get there is to protest and come together and unite and show the world what our position is and that we have the numbers to make a difference and to educate other ... All a massive undertaking but we have progressed and we must continue to until there are no places where it would be deemed unsafe for us to be who we are.




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