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Thursday, 10 July 2008


Message from Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham on The Bahamas' 35th Anniversary of Independence: This year we celebrate 35 years of Independence, a significant milestone in the life of a young nation. I extend best wishes for a happy anniversary to Bahamians everywhere. This year we mark the anniversary of our nationhood during a period of considerable unease in the global community. Indeed, external challenges are increasing, especially with regard to trade issues, environmental concerns, the supply of energy and the cost of food. The fallout on our communities are several but principally economic and social. It is times such as these that we must recall our past and build upon the traditions and customs and institutions that serve as the foundation of our country. We are fortunate to have a strong foundation. So as we celebrate this 35th anniversary of our independence, it is right for us to renew our commitment to guard and defend our institutions and the principles that give life and meaning to them. I pay tribute to Bahamians everywhere. I wish to pay special tribute to all those Bahamians who, over the years, have helped to put and keep our country on the international map by their work and achievements. I speak of those who work in our diplomatic, tourism and maritime services in the Americas, in Europe and in the Far East. Most of the service they render is quiet and little recognized but vitally important. Most of them will be celebrating independence at their posts in foreign lands. There are others who have, over the years, brought us fame and glory by their achievements in different areas. And that brings me to the message I should like to leave with you this Independence Day and it is this: We are a talented people, we are a resourceful people, we are a cultured people; and if we draw on all our talents, all our resources and all our cultural strength, we will be able to meet the multitude of challenges that face us from without and from within. I believe that if we as a people delve deep into our positive cultural roots we will successfully meet and overcome the internal challenges we face. The vast majority of Bahamians, including our young people, are on the right track and doing the right things, and I believe the future will be safe with them. We must let them know that; we must encourage and celebrate them. So strengthened, we will also face external challenges, craft and implement programmes to deal with them and to together build a better future for all our people. Fellow Bahamians, wherever you may be -- in New Providence, in Grand Bahama, and in our Family Islands or in foreign lands -- I wish you a happy and safe Independence Day and pray God’s blessings upon our nation and upon each and every one of us.

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