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Sunday, 06 July 2008


Each problem in life is a test of your evolutionary spiritual growth in the physical state. You can make these problems stepping stones or stumbling blocks in your path. It isn't what happens in the physical world that counts to you as a fragment-spirit. It is only your understanding of material creativity and the resulting repercussions, and how you react to what happens that really counts. You may not be able to change something physically, but, you are able to change your attitude and point of view, or perspective, concerning it. In today’s religious climate, everything that happens that man cannot explain is chalked up to God's Will. It is only God's will, however, that you, as a fragment experiencing arm of the Wholeness, experience the totality of material creation from your own unique perspective, learn from the experiencing, grow with the experiencing, and share all of this with the Wholeness as a co-creating Force. Each individual creates their own karma by experiencing results, their ability to learn, and their disregard for experiencing. Each creates his own capacities and his own limitations. Each has built the house his spirit lives in, and he can improve it, rebuild it, or let it deteriorate. Thoughts mold the vibrational spirit as well asthe physical body. Man is a creature of reflection. That which he reflects on in this life he becomes the same hereafter. Others are also affected by your thoughts, acts and words, setting up karmic links between you. They help to determine your human associates in the future, by their effects on others. You are not a creature of blind circumstance. You represent the law of spiritual evolution. A change from the potential of spirit to the Dynamics of the physical. Remember, God isn't out there somewhere. God is all around you. God is within you.

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  1. This was quite thoughtful and well written. I must ponder this longer and come back for more. Thanks!




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