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Sunday, 29 June 2008


They say that the devil can’t understand you when you TALK IN TONGUE; and today I am asking that as you read the words that I speak, so that you would use this to build up, influence and provoke yourself out of bondage…WHATEVER THAT MAYBE… How much longer will you allow the chains of this world to hold you down? So many of us life a life held back, a life without understanding that is without love AND compassion. As I speak these words against HOMOPHOBIA, CRIME, INJUSTICE & IGNORANCE (just to name a few); I ask that this word bring strength AND awareness to the nation that this word is design to deliver AND set free. Hence I speak to those of us that feel that some OR all of us somehow just want to be GAY. Can anyone tell me how is it that, you can be born one way and your life turns out to be another? Moreover, can anyone tell me how this became the ideal situation for HOMOSEXUALS? I guess the BIGGER issue goes deeper than that because I often wonder how is it that WE are looking like men, and WE have the parts of a MAN; but somewhere, some how OUR TRUE IDENTITY does not match a standard of what the TRUE IDENTITY OF WHAT A MAN REALLY IS? TALKING IN TONGUE permits me to say that the TRUE identity of man comes from the impartation of another. Hence, if there are no MEN that are operating in the maintenance and the covering of MANHOOD, how do WE find out where we belong OR who to be? WE have to make sure that the ability to know who we are as men is PROTECTED, HONORED & GUARDED! It is OUR duty to make sure that the TRUE identity is reproduced AND deposited so that WE secure OUR place on this planet. So many of us GAY & STRAIGHT alike title ourselves MEN when we are so far from it. I have seen that TOO many have crept in the room say they are man…they have the LOOK, the SOUND and the FEATURES but…The TRUE identity of what a man is merely living in a way that brings joy to the lives of others. A man CANNOT get what rightfully belongs to him asserting himself AND doing things that he feels a man should. A man CANNOT become a man by just exploring the SEXUAL side of him; he has to display his entire being. THE TRUE IDENTITY OF MANY COMES WITH STANDARDS; IT COMES WITH STABILTY & RESPONSIBILITY. I DECLARE THAT WHAT I WROTE HERE WILL ENCOURGE US TO HOLD UP OUR HEADS SO THAT IT WILL BE FILLED WITH KNOWLEDGE & ACCEPTANCE OF SELF. I HOPE THAT SOMEONE FINALLY GETS IT BECAUSE THE INNER MAN NEEDS THIS TO STRENGTHEN HIMSELF & THUS THE WORLD. I AM MERELY TEACHING YOU HOW TO DIE SO THAT YOU MAY LIVE…COME OUT & KNOW YOUR TRUE IDENTITY. FOR I TALK IN TONGUES FOR THE DAMAGED, THE SHAMED & FORGOTTEN…THE ONES THAT ARE IN NEED OF A REBIRTH…AS I TALK IN TONGUE…

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