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Tuesday, 27 May 2008


They say that this world is dangerous because of those that do harm, but I am of the opinion that the world is dangerous because of those who look @ it and turn their heads the other way. It is as if we do not get that in order for us to BUILD the world we NEED to spread light to make it a better place. In my country, there have been a few murders with the last six months; three of which were GAY men. Now the thing for me is that I do not like the thought of anyone being killed but when it happens to persons that from my sector the community I think this warrants my concern. THE ALARM HAS BEEN RUNG THREE TIMES & SCHOOL IS IN SESSION...AS A COMMUNITY DO WE TAKE HEED OR IGNORE THE BLOOD OF THESE GAY MEN THAT STAINS THE FABRIC OF SOCIETY? I SAY A RESOUNDING NO! We are TOO caught up in the hype of cynicism of events to even keep a F&CK about another GAY MAN dying; AND AS A GAY MAN I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO TAME THIS WILD FIRE & TAKE A STRONG HOLD WITHIN SOCIETY? I can sit here and say YES they may OR may not be good OR bad men; but who am I decide? I for one believe that there is NO such thing as a good person OR a bad person. However I do believe that the choices AND actions that we make AND perform lead us in certain directions. Nonetheless, I feel that it is OUR duty to up hold humanity AND NOT hold persons against themselves. Many of us experienced childhoods in which the words good AND bad were used as weapons to control us. One was good if he did what he was told AND bad if you did not. I feel that this kind of discipline undermines a person’s ability to find their own moral center and to trust and be guided by their own inner self. Since we were raised this way, how can we NOT see that one may find himself feeling shockwaves of badness when they do something wrong even if they do not agree that it is bad. How do we NOT see what a STRAITJACKET life has placed upon us? I feel that an IMPORTANT part of OUR spiritual unfolding requires that WE grow beyond what we learned AND take responsibility for our own liberation in our own terms. HENCE, WE AS HUMANS HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE JUDGE & JURY FOR ANOTHER THAT WE HAVE NO POWER OVER! THE WILD FIRE THAT BURNS IN US NEEDS TO DRENCHED & EXTINGUISH…WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS WITH EVERY RIGHT TO BE HERE, LEARNING & EXPLORING. TO MERELY SAY THAT SOMEONE DESERVED SOMETHING BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY DID IS WRONG & IT JUST PROVES WHY IT TOOK PLACE @ ALL. I AM SURE THAT THERE WERE PERSONS THAT I SAW THAT THESE MEN WERE GOING IN A DIRECTION OF STAGNATION & DEGRADATION & DID NOTHING TO INTERVENE…NOT EVEN A PRAYER! I GUESS IN THE END, ONLY GOD KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE. HE KNEW WHAT WAS BEFORE IT WAS & EVERYTHING THAT TAKES PLACE IS ALL APART OF HIS GRAND DESIGN ONLY TIME WILL TELL…BUT I BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS SET UP IN WAY THAT IT TEACHES US CERTAIN LESSONS & WHEN THINGS LIKE THIS TAKE PLACE, IT IS NOT ONLY THIS PERSON THAT LOOSES IT US AS WELL…FOR AS THE SONG GOES ALL OF US ARE ONE…

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