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Monday, 19 May 2008


One of the hot button terms in the debate over gay rights is the so-called GAY AGENDA. But what exactly is meant by this? Is the GAY AGENDA merely to petition for equal rights OR is it about something far more sinister? Hence I beg to question society about WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE GAY AGENDA? Many if NOT all of us have an opinion on this subject; I stayed away from it AND didn’t want to touch on it because I felt that it was a NON-ISSUE. When I say NON-ISSUE I don’t mean that it does not matter, I am referring to the notion that I believe that GAY RIGHTS is something that NO one can stop OR destroy. I felt as that as time went on things will inevitably change…IT HAS TO! Hence this week we saw America, home of the free AND brave grant GAY persons in California the right to marry if they so please. This is funny since they live in the most progressive place on this planet yet they are held back because of society’s so-called TRADITIONAL VALUES. But can anyone tell me WHOSE TRADITIONS ARE WE TALKING ABOUT? One only has to open their eyes and see that the world is a MELTING POT of nationalities AND customs that does NOT belong to just one group. Yet the one thing that holds each of us in the fact that we are HUMAN; and as HUMANS we all have the need to feel ALIVE IN LOVE! Society needs to understand that GAY people and the GAY AGENDA will not go away because the so-call FABRIC of society is full of holes. However, this FABRIC will never med as long they keep picking @ the tattered edges around the holes. Hence the GAY AGENDA sole purpose is for us to have ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT; this is the only way WE can make whole this cloth. THIS IS WHAT BECOMES OF HUMANITY WHEN THE BATTLE LINES ARE DRAWN! SO NOW WHAT? For far too long NO one has been minding the baby and now that he is grown, the things that were done to him in his infancy stage will happen NO more. In the early years most of us cannot comprehend the WHAT or WHY of life; all we know is this what it is AND there is NOTHING he can do to change things. NOW THE TIME HAS COME & THE WORLD IS SCARED! THE ISSUE OF RIGHTS WILL NO LONGER DIVIDE US; WE SIMPLY HAVE TO AGREE TO DISAGREE. WE GOING TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT & MATCH UP MAN TO MAN, EYEBALL TO EYEBAL…WE WILL NO LONGER LIVE IN THE SHADOWS, WE WILL FEEL THE WARMTH OF THE SUN! OUR LIVES IS NOT AS SIMPLE AS DRIVING ON THE LEFT OR RIGHT SIDE OF THE STREET; IT IS SO MUCH MORE PERSONAL THAN THAT! OUR LIVES HAS NO BASIS IN MORALITY OR RELIGION SO WHY FORCE US TO LIVE THAT WAY? I THOUGHT THAT LIFE HAD MIDDLE GROUNDS & COMPROMISES THAT WORKED FOR ALL US…YET THEY ASSUME THAT WE WILL WANT TO LIVE A LIFE THAT IS NO LIFE @ ALL…I AM OF THE OPINION THAT WHEN YOU PUSH SOMEONE THEY EVENTUALLY PUSH BACK…IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE EQUALITY IS SHARED BY ALL ON THIS PLANET!

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