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Thursday, 17 April 2008


Why some individuals BECOME principally HOMOSEXUAL while others BECOME principally heterosexual continues to be a subject of great debate and controversy. Some homosexuals say that there is an important element of conscious choice involved in the development of their sexual orientation and this widely ACCEPTED by most GAY men AND women. From a young age, many came to their sexual awakening and finding themselves sexually attracted only to members of their sex. This is all fine and good, but when the waters of sexuality gets muddled even further when HOMOSEXUALS decides to dress up as members of the opposite sex, SEXUALITY takes an interesting turn. Moreover this IGNORANCE expressed to those that dress up in clothing that are considered feminine is CRAZY! We all know that the human body is merely a material entity that has material limits. Thus SEXUALITY cannot AND is not defined by gender alone; hence the blank slates that society affords us actually are legitimate. Thought the developmental processes of human beings are not equally flexible at all stages, and around all things; it does NOT give society the right to define that which is MASCULINE or FEMININE. The dominant societal approach that pertains to HOMOSEXUALITY has to change and the negativity needs to cease. Who OR what defines what is MASCULINE or FEMININE CLOTHING? What act determines the TRUE nature of SEXUAL behavior? I love it when some folks say things like MASCULINITY IS BEING BORN A MAN & ACTING AS SUCH & THE SAME GOES FOR WOMEN…IF HETEROSEXUALS DON’T HAVE TO DEFINE whether THEY ARE MASCULINE OR FEMININE, WHY DO HOMOSEXUALS HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS ISSUE EVEN IF THEY DON’T DRESS UP IN WHAT IS DETERMINED AS CLOTHING FOR THE OPPOSITE SEX? DOESN’T THIS NOTION HAVE SOME UNUSUAL DIMENSIONS? The idea that HOMOSEXUAL men AND women actually want to transition from MALE to FEMALE and vice versa is scary for people. WHY? Is it the thought of a man having any outward traits of a woman that bad? Why is it if a female dressing up as man AND having his machismo is a BIG no no for society? Although philosophically this shouldn't matter, it does. This just shows that ALL males MUST position themselves in a MASCULINE way AND females MUST do the opposite. I FEEL THAT IF SOCIETY SIMPLY ALLOWS SEXUALITY TO TAKE its TRUE FORM FROM CHILDHOOD, THERE WOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM WITH SEXUALITY LATER ON IN LIFE. FROM CHILDHOOD, BOYS & GIRLS ARE STEERED AWAY FROM THINGS THAT ARE NOT GENDER APPROPRIATE. YES IT IS IMPORTANT FOR A BOY TO KNOW THAT HE IS DIFFERENT FROM A GIRL, BUT @ WHAT COST? OH HOW CAN I FORGET? WE MUST MAINTAIN THE SOCIAL ORDER FOR HOMOSEXUALITY IS DISRUPTIVE & IT ENDANGERS SOCIETY. IT SO AMAZING HOW HOMOSEXUAL MALE/FEMALE EXPRESSING THEMSELVES IN THIS FASHION IS SEEN AS SOMETHING SO EVIL & VILE. I WONDER WHAT WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO THIS WORLD IF THIS HOMOPHOBIC MALE-DOMINATED SOCIETY TRULY CHANGED & ACCEPTED HOMOSEXUALITY? I GUESS IT WOULD HAVE TO EXAME & CHANGE THE WAY IT DEFINES GENDER ROLES & REMOVE THE GLASS CEILING…& WHO WANTS THAT? DOESN’T MATTER I SAY BECAUSE GENDER IS A SPECTRUM THAT IS MORE COMPLICATED THAN SEX; GENDER HAS IT’S OWN PERSONALITY & TEMPERAMENT, IT IS MORE THAN A MAN OR WOMAN WANTING TO PLAY DRESS UP; IT IS EVEN MORE THAN SAME~SEX INDIVIDUALS HAVING SEX WITH EACH OTHER…IT IS ABOUT BEING WHO YOU ARE & ACCEPTING THAT SEXUALITY IS FLUID, IT EVLOVES & FLUCTUATES & WE SHOULD NEVER QUESTION IT IN ORDER TO FIT IN WITH THE MORE TYPICAL SOCIETAL EXPRESSION OF SEXUALITY.

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