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Tuesday, 08 April 2008


So I am on the internet chatting away via msn messenger and I came across this guy and after a while he wanted me to F&CK him. Now I am NOT oppose anyone getting theirs, but I wonder what makes a man, any man just allow himself to get to point where he will allow just about any stranger to get horizontal with him? What is it from me that make him want to indulge himself in this activity with me? I IN A LARGE PART BLAME THE INTERNET & THE FACT THAT MOST GAY MEN SEEM TO ALLOW WHAT IS SHOWN TO CONTROL HOW THEY LIVE THEIR LIVES. 

Many of the GAY male-oriented sites feature hundreds of amateur AND professional photos and porno clips. The amount of erotic stories AND sex toys available @ the click of mouse just further whet the appetite of the GAY male. How can it NOT? When he sees the stripper of his fantasy…the bulge…the ass…HOW CAN HE NOT TRY TO FIND SOME WAY OF GETTING SOME SORT OF ACTION? Our world mandated by a 24 HOUR SEX MANTRA; WE EAT, SLEEP & DRINK SEX! Is it any wonder that we have so many GAY men seeking SEX rather than companionship?

Sure the images are attractive, but should we allow them to make us seem like SEX-STARVED individuals that cannot get enough? When a GAY man features his dick OR ass on a site such as BGC or A4A along with a creative on-line screen name that is dripping with sex how do we buy into it? AREN’T THEY MAKING THEMSELVES A MEANS TO A SEXUAL END THAT GOES NO WHERE FAST? HOW HAS SEX SUBLIMINALLY TAKEN US OVER LIKE THIS? ARE WE JUST OUR DICKS N’ ASSES? ARE WE SO ADDICTED THAT WE FIND OURSELVES JUST LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO WILL GET US OFF? IN OTHER WORDS GAY MEN IS THIS WHAT OUR SEXUALITY IS ALL ABOUT? 

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