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Monday, 21 April 2008


Ever notice how GAY men pretty much size each other up WITHOUT knowing a thing about each other? It amazes me how WE LABEL each other with no ingredients; and define who WE are via the lines drawn in the sand…TALK ABOUT THE LINES THAT DIVIDE? It is such a sad world when we CANNOT accept TRUE DIVERSITY within the community. How poignant is that WE GAY men exclude certain others in the community because of SOCIAL STATUS, LOOKS, FASHION SENSE & SEXUALITY? Now I am very much aware that society on a whole does this, my problem is that we should NOT aim to be like them. How can WE ever have a community united if WE cannot talk to another GAY man because he is NOT like you? Can someone please tell me when is the TRUE nature of reality going to consume us? We all emanate from the SAME source, essentially making us one; yet we act as if we are NOT on this earth to LOVE one another. I GUESS IF A GAY MAN WERE TO UNDERSTAND THIS CONCEPT, HE WOULD HAVE TO BE AWAKENED TO THE TRUE NATURE OF SELF…& WHO THE F&CK WANTS THAT? MOREOVER, WHO THE HELL REALLY CARES? I find it frustrating AND painful to watch them behave SO unconsciously, just bodies WITHOUT souls. If only I could live in a world AND pretend they do not exist, but…I know to separate myself from them would force me to live the same delusional life that they live. I read somewhere that in a situation such as this, I should think of us all as different parts of ONE psyche AND for the sake of OUR humanity, I think it makes a lot of sense. HOW CAN IT NOT? Within our hearts AND minds we have shadowy places that need healing; thus the strength of the whole organism depends upon the relative health of the individuals within it. Therefore, if harmony is increased when we hold onto each other, how can we let go? How about we, I don’t know just care about each other despite each other? I KNOW THAT THIS HARD & NOT EVERY GAY MAN IS GOING TO BE YOUR CUP OF TEA. HOWEVER, WE CAN ACCOMPLISH SO MUCH MORE IF WE DO NOT FOCUS ON THE NEGATIVE QUALITIES & FOCUS ON THE CONCEPT OF HE IS I & I IS HE…WHEN DEALING WITH A GAY MAN WHO IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA, IT HELPS TO REMEMBER THAT WE ALL MUST FIND OUR OWN WAY TO OUR AWAKENING. THE GAY MAN THAT IS THE APPARENT OUTCAST IS APART OF THE PROCESS & HOLDING HIM IN THE GLOW OF OUR ENERGY MAY BE THE BEST WAY TO FIX THE THINGS THAT ARE WRONG WITH THE GAY COMMUNITY. SO WHEN WE ARE @ A CLUB OR HOUSE PARTY & WE SEE THAT PERSON THAT WE WISH WASN’T THERE, REMEMBER THAT HE JUST LIKE YOU HAVE A PLACE ON THIS PLANET…IF ONLY YOU WOULD TAKE THE TIME TO FIND OUT WHAT FLAVOR HIS CUP OF TEA IS.


  1. So true. I used to be really selective on whom I spoke with. Drag queens especially but now I say hi to them if I see them in the club because they have courage and probably look good outside of the get up. They could be your type and never know it.

    My only problem is when you speak to certain guys that are not your cup of tea they take it as a come on.

  2. HOT TEA FOR TWO ?????????




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