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Sunday, 02 March 2008


ARE GAY FOLKS HELL BOUND? I ask this question because far too many of us seem to think OR believe that who we are goes against some cardinal rule AND we carry on with lives that are predestined for the fire of HADES. SO many times we GAY people hear how we NEED to live our lives right AND get in accordance with GOD’S law. However, I am writing this entry to say that YES we ALL need to be in spiritual harmony, but NOT as others suggest we should.
Being a Christian means that an individual is on the path of being Christ like, now I get that this task is NOT an easy one…but that does NOT mean that those that feel they are on the path can use their RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION to cast judgment on those that they feel are SINNERS. I grew up in a household that went to church RELIGIOUSLY, now as a young boy I often wondered why church never took anytime off. As an adult I found out why; the sole purpose of church is to provide those that are seeking a place in which to foster a relationship with GOD. How weird is it that this RARELY happens?
How many persons within that congregation actually live a life that would make GOD proud? How many of them are living, thinking that WE are the WORST form of humans that ever lived? I SAY F&CK THEM, BE GAY & KNOW THAT THE CREATOR LOVES US ALL DESPITE WHAT THE WORLD WANTS US TO THINK! There is NO special place in HELL for us, why would there be? We were born in this world with NO preconditions AND knowledge of who we are AND why we are here. All WE know is that we are what we are and that has NO bearing on our souls. I AM SURE THERE ARE TONS OF GAY ANGLES IN HEAVEN WITH BEAUTIFUL WINGS! Why not be one on earth?
If HELL exists then I feel that if anyone goes there then that simply mean HE or SHE did NOT do right by themselves AND others. So this belief that GAY folks are HELL BOUND is foolish, the bible does NOT say that a GAY person shall not inherit the kingdom; that came from MAN. WE did NOT choose to be GAY…WE DID NOT WAKE UP ONE MORNING & SAY OH! I WANT TO BE GAY…The creator has place for ALL of us AND his/her LOVE is unconditional. The bible says a lot of things AND the wording is NOT that of the creator. They all say NO sin is GREATER than the other, but when it comes to HOMOSEXUALS that thought is different. 
NOW ASK YOURSELVES THIS QUESTION, DO YOU REMEMBER BEING A YOUNG MAN & BEGGING GOD TO TAKE AWAY YOU’RE THE FEELINGS YOU FELT TOWARDS MEN? The interesting thing for me is that it is still here so WHY would GOD punish US for something that HE did NOT take away from us? WE need to OPEN our eyes AND see the truth that we live EVERY day and NOT allow anything to deter OR trip us up. This MAN-MADE institution that we call RELIGION should be seen in the same vain as RACISM & SLAVERY. Religion is a rule of man placed on spirituality AND the connection with the divine; NO ONE need to be a Christian or a book to connect with the creator. 

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  1. Its so funny how so many people in the church or church people as I call them, because they are not Christians, because to be a Christian is to be Christ like, and that is to be filled compassion and love, not judgement and condemnation. It is amazing how they can look and judge a group of people for something they know not about, such people are only controlled by fear, and thus unable to enjoy the true life of a Christan which is love. I realised something the other day the these same people will be surprised at the end of the day because when the table turn it will be amazing to see who is with Jesus.




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