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Thursday, 06 March 2008


The other day I noticed that a lot of GAY men are simply giving themselves away to basically any MAN that would ACCEPT them. I thought this was particularly interesting because I was on BLKGAYCHAT and my profile had that I have someone, yet still I got messages asking me to hook up. For me this is NOT particularly surprising, what surprises me is the FACT that GAY men do NOT have any regard for who they are AND what they truly represent. It is evident that we are NOT learning to trust OUR intuition in order to connect with OUR higher selves. It seems that OUR need for SEX gets in the way AND it completely clouds OUR judgment; how is possible that WE are NO more than OUR dicks N’ asses? I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS TAUGHT THAT USING OUR BODIES BROUGHT US MORE IN TUNE WITH OUR BEING…Now it seems that GAY men are using it just for the mere joy of a NUT. I feel that process of using OUR bodies is to ask OUR higher selves a question and wait for the body to respond; the answer should either be a forward-tilting or backward-tilting motion. I WONDER WHAT ANSWER GAY MEN GET WHEN THEY TREAT THEIR BODIES IN THE WAY THEY DO? WE NEED TO STOP GIVING AWAY OURSELVES FOR MOMENTS OF PLEASURE & UNDERSTAND OUR HIGHER SELVES! I often wonder if most of US come to a point in our lives when WE question why WE are doing what WE are doing? I feel that this question can bring to the surface the REALIZATION that WE are failing ourselves as MEN. HOW DO WE NOT FEEL SHOCK or DEPRESS BY WHAT WE ARE DOING TO OURSELVES? I SAY THAT ONE OF THE MOST COMMON REASONS WE ARE SO TIED TO THIS BEHAVIOR IS THAT WE WERE NOT PROPERLY MIRRORED WHEN WE WERE LITTLE BOYS. WE WERE NOT HONORED AS INDIVIDUALS IN OUR OWN RIGHT, THAT HAS A WILL & A PURPOSE ALL OUR OWN. AS A RESULT, WE LEARNED TO LOOK OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES FOR APPROVAL IN THE FORM OF SEX RATHER THAN LOOK WITHIN. THE GOOD THING IS THAT THE PART OF US THAT WAS NOT ADEQUATELY NURTURED IS STILL THERE, INSIDE US, LIKE A SEED THAT HAS NOT YET RECEIVED THE SUNLIGHT & MOISTURE IT NEEDS TO GROW. I WRITE THIS BECAUSE I FEEL THAT IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO PROVIDE OURSELVES WITH WHAT WE NEED TO AWAKEN OUR INNER BEING. IF WE NEED REAL SUPPORT GROUPS, THERAPY or JOURNALIZING OUR THOUGHTS…WHATEVER PROCESS WE CHOOSE, WE NEED TO FIND A WAY TO LIVE OUTSIDE OF OUR SEXUALITY AS GAY MEN!

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