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Thursday, 17 January 2008


¿DO YOU EVER WONDER WHAT HAPPENS TO love WHEN IT IS NOT THERE ANYMORE? I wondered about this the other day and found it strange that love work the way it does. It is like you wake up to life and find your heart on a journey trying to find the love that once was shared…Walking down memory lane brings a few smiles here N’ there but still NOTHING is the same. ¿WHERE DID IT GO? All that DEVOTION, HUGS N’ KISSES what became of them? The life once shared by two based on love makes me wonder if love is real? ¿DO YOU KNOW WOT I MEAN? And there came a new season…Because now there is a new MAN and HE gets the LOVE that you have within. I wonder if it is love or LOVE? The future talk about love does not hurt because LOVE is there…AND now there is someone to turn to on those nights when you are in need of LOVE. All the smiles AND joy feel GREAT because LOVE makes your heart beat…If only LOVE understood how lonely the world looks when it leaves. Makes me think to myself why suffer such treachery and then leave one feeling fine soon after? LOVE just tears a man between two contrasting worlds…ONE bondage…ONE free…ONE permanent…ONE temporary…DAMN! Only if we could pretend that we are NOT @ home when you visit, ignoring the footprints you leave in our dreams. Memories do NOT bring love back, they are like pictures hung on a wall that makes us stop and think and as soon we are out of the room…I wonder if love falls into the abyss of pain? Why should it NOT? We suffocate in zero air and ejaculate without any feeling all to find that LOVE is REAL and we cannot love anymore. I remember when love embodied my temptation; made me sit and miss the people from yesterday…NOW I can trace the lines that were made AND there is NO familiar vibe to my insides. Sadly I know it is love trying to remind me of what used to be…AND TRYING TO GET MY SOUL! ¿WHERE DID love GO?


  1. You always manage to articulate what we all feel, you are truly gifted....

  2. Love is so complex and is so many things.It is relative and it changes.Love is dynamic and it is relative.
    What really happens to the Love that two people share when relationships end? Where does it go?
    Well that depends on so many factors and circumstances.Was it genuine to begin with,and the strength of it.
    There isn't any rule that says if a relationship ends that the love that existed should die or disappear.It may however diminish or lessen with time.An analogy can be drawn with the law of conservation of energy,which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed,it can only be changed from one form to another.Love is like that in a lot of ways.




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