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Friday, 11 January 2008


SEXUAL and INTIMATE relations between men and women in society are largely reflective of and DOMINATED by the ideology of male SUPREMACY. However, the lines of SUPREMACY and DOMINATION are blurred when men are placed in SEX-SEGREGATED environments. Within this type of environment, individuals may seek sex with others of their own sex. This is known as SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY; proving that NO one is born HOMOSEXUAL or HETEROSEXUAL. This concept begs one to question what constitutes SEXUALITY. Nonetheless, when one talks about SEXUALITY the topic of HOMOSEXUALITY is an AUTOMATIC association. Hence, does this mean that SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY is either a CHOICE or LEARNED behavior? 
When I think of MEN that are in such a position a particular group of men come to mind. This group consists of MEN that are in PRISON for whatever reason are seen as the THUGS and MAN'S MAN. They are placed in a situation where they cannot run OR hide from the SEXUAL activity that takes place all around them. HENCE, DOES SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY COMPEL & MAKE THEM A PRODUCT OF THEIR ENVIRONMENT BY DICTATING & ALTERING THEIR SEXUALITY VIA THEIR SEXUAL BEHAVIOR? Oddly enough, I could NOT get a definitive answer or whether MEN in prison are STIGMATIZED due to their SEXUAL activity with each other. However, due to the SEXUAL climate I find it hard to believe that DISCRIMINATION is highly tolerated. 
The REPRESSION and VIOLENCE against HOMOSEXUALS that is so prevalent within this CIVILIZED society is TOTALLY reversed because SEX in prison is considered as something of POWER. However, I find it EQUALY fascinating that those involved in such activity would frown upon it once on the outside of the prison walls. In many ways, this outlook on the male GAY culture in SOCIETY is NOT a departure from what ideology of the DOMINANT man. In fact, there are elements that would dictate it as his rights to conduct himself in the bashing of such behavior. In this regard, it is my belief that HOMOSEXUALITY strikes @ the consciousness of IDEOLOGICAL society that has no fundamental OR logical reason for why SEXUALITY is OR is not! 
Homosexuality has often been thought of AND seen a device by which MEN DEVALUE each other (ESPECIALLY THE MALE THAT IS IN THE PASSIVE POSITION). Hence, even though SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY constitutes itself as a viable alternative within the sexuality spectrum, it is still shunned. Furthermore, the PERFECT SEXUALITY picture that sits in its cracked frame just makes understanding SEXUALITY more difficult. SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY aside, sexual practices on their own are odd with a GREATER or LESSER degree of what sexually attracts OR arouses us in the first place. Hence, SITUATIONAL HOMOSEXUALITY shows that SEXUAL ORIENTATION cannot simply be reduced to SEXUAL practices. Add to this the fact that within the categories of what defines SEXUAL ORIENTATION, there are a wide array of different SEXUAL BEHAVIORS, SEXUAL PREFERENCES and SEXUAL ROLES. With all this variety, it is no wonder that it can be difficult to get a precise handle on what it means to HOMOSEXUAL. 


  1. I love the line of argument pursued here and in my own contribution, I would like to make reference to Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey. Sigmund in particular postulated that man is a sexual being in his famous Psychosexual development/analysis of human beings. The summary of the theory is that man would go a long way to have and enjoy sex and if the means to have that sex is not there, he would have to devise a means. In fact Freud was of the opinion that right from the woman, man as foetus begins to enjoy sex and actually suggested that sucking of the thumb by the foetus is actually a way of sex. And from there, when he is born, he will begin to enjoy sex by defecating around. Wait! That is also carried to the adulthood where men enjoy defecating with either cigarette, marijuana or newspaper and within 'abnormal sex' practices, some men enjoy 'faeces game' during sex. From the stage of sucking the thumb the young child grows to fondle his private part and prior to puberty age or at the onset, he become so curious that he would usually begin mutual masturbation with persons of the same sex before now gradually settling to one. A person who is born gay would identify other men. a bisexual would continue with both men and women while a straight guy would go exclusively for women. However the point Freud made and concurred by Kinsey is that every man has got a homosexual tendency within him. And this is what Kinsey called 'Situational Homosexuals' meaning that these straight guys can turn gay a times for reasons. One of the reasons as you rightly pointed out is when they are in the prison and lacking access to women, would resort to wanking, mutual wanking and eventually full blown gay sex. That will continue till they are out of the prison and return back to normal women stuff. While in prison, gay sex could also mean a weapon of subjugating another male. It is called rape to depress the ego of the other person or even a consensual sex for protection or to cement a relationship. In terms of rape, man being controlled by three principles according to Freud-id, ego and superego-tries to deflate the ego of the person being raped using 'rape' as a weapon. Meanwhile an exclusive straight can also from time to time flip due to a situation. Major reason could be for financial reason. My friend would always say give a straight guy some money and he will perform wonders on the bed. Well the summary of this is that man is born a sexual being and within every man is that homosexual tendency that could come out in some situations. And by the way because every man is born out of a woman-foetus actually developed into a male from female-man is likely to be what he was ab initio.


  3. I looked at a slightly different type of situational homosexuality some time back, though not with the incisive knife you use here.


    1. I will check out your entry in a bit.




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