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Friday, 04 January 2008


Human SEXUALITY is how WE experience AND express ourselves as SEXUAL BEINGS. SEXUALITY as a whole encompasses a broad range of behaviors AND processes that are heavily based on SOCIETAL thought AND opinion. Moreover, this rule of thumb has become the STATUS QUO, which ultimately FORCES those that are alike SEXUALLY in the same group. I FIND THIS TO BE CRAZY THAT SEXUALITY HAS TO BE SEEN AS SOMETHING LEFT OF THE MIDDLE WHEN IT STRAYS FROM THE MALE N’ FEMALE COMBINATION. SEXUALITY in itself does not AND cannot formulate itself to one particular set of rules OR feelings. Thus, SEXUALITY has AND should be lucid so that it can allow the various groups that are formed under its banner to be as one. In my opinion, the ‘H’ needs to included in the ‘GLBT’ group so that it is not a situation where it is US against THEM. Human sexual behavior encompasses the search for a partner or partners and the FREEDOM that comes from it. Thus, the ‘GLBT’ group is NOT a byproduct of some deviant behavior and should NOT be seen as such.

GENDER IDENTIFICATION DOES NOT & SHOULD NOT BE A FACTOR IN HUMAN SEXUALITY. HOW CAN IT BE? Despite stereotypes AND common misconceptions, there are no forms of sexual activity exclusive to the ‘GLBT’ group that cannot be found in HETEROSEXUALS. Hence, why does SOCIETY torture those that are not HETEROSEXUALLY incline? SEXUALITY that does not go the way of MALE/FEMALE copulation does NOT go against HUMAN NATURE. It is something that is innate and much a part of who we are and yet we accept the fact that we are seen as the odd ones. Sex is a fundamental HUMAN impulse that will not be denied. All attempts to control and regulate it have ultimately failed. 

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