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Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Freedom may be indivisible, as we are often told, but is it ever given all @ one time for all? Freedom is a practice, and like all practices its methods, modes of operation, and concrete effects evolve strategically in concert with other changes in the social environment. I would LOVE to believe that I live in a world where FREEDOM is NOT increased OR decreased due to some absolute standard of measurement. Within the realms of today’s society, FREEDOM often occurs @ expense of GAY MEN and WOMEN (ESPECIALLY MEN). Though nowadays, the GAY man manifests HIS gay pride, HIS sexual liberation, by keeping his stash of gay porn visibly exposed next to his bed, along with various other erotic accessories; it does NOT mean that the CLOSET has lost its previous function. On the contrary, it just means that the CLOSET is the convenient place in which most GAY men hide from the rest of the world. This concept of FREEDOM has LONG been the standard of the GAY man’s life and it is the SELF-SERVING division that exists between US and THEM. Though this hallow dichotomy is not fact base, the twofold but equal functions of this concept has long been the argument of the GAY man. Nonetheless, there are GAY men out there who are LIBERATED and NOT GROUNDED in LONELINESS, LOVELESSNESS, HOPELESSNESS, ISOLATION and SENTIMENTALITY. On the contrary, we fashion OUR GAY selves by proudly affirming a COMMON, COLLECTIVE GAY IDENTITY that is UNASHAMEDLY and COMMUNALLY constructed on the basis of LIBERATION. The other half conceives LIBERATION in figurative terms. Hence they allow SOCIETY to re-code them and keep them from fulfilling their purpose. This can force the LIBERATED to inhabit an IDENTITY by attuning themselves to GAY aspects of whatever FEMALE singer that graces the stage. Perhaps these men continue to find meaning AND value in these artists that were not created for them because they can make it their own. This allows them to invest in a FREEDOM that is NOT available elsewhere…WE LIVE IN A WORLD WHICH SITS @ THE END OF A LONG CHAIN OF YEARS OF SYSTEMATIC DOMINATION & SUBJUGATION OF GAY MEN BY SOCIETY. HOWEVER, I BELIEVE THAT NO ONE CAN HOLD ANOTHER BACK FOREVER. WE ARE MAKING STRIDES, THOUGH THE PACE IS SLOW…SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING & IF WE ARE TO GET FULL LIBERATION IT WILL TAKE NOTHING LESS THAN ALL OF US GAY & STRAIGHT TO SUCCEED IN UNDERCUTTING & ELIMINATING THE SUBJUGATION OF THE GAY MAN & TRANSFER IT INTO THE DUSTBINS OF IGNORANCE…LIBERATION IS WITH OUR REACH, ARE YOU HOLDING IT BACK?

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