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Friday, 16 November 2007


It is a well-known fact that WE STAND in the GAP and takes on the burden of world and those around us. So I am of the opinion that society should HONOR n’ EMBRACE the HEART of a GAY person. WE are arguably some of the most GENEROUS people in the world despite what we have to endure. Hence, those that refuse to accept OUR sexual identity tries to eclipse OUR HEART because they cannot see past their own ignorance. It saddens me to know that OUR HEARTS can be seen with naked eye but WE fall by the way side. Nonetheless, WE know that no matter how much they try, it is NEAR impossible for any HUMAN to ignore the GENEROSITY of a GAY HEART! They know that with ACCEPTANCE, ALL HUMAN KIND collectively will move closer to becoming what they are truly capable of being. So to ignoring us is the equivalent of disregarding OUR maker himself. OUR GAY HEART makes US the temple of HUMANITY and WE enjoy the HUMANITY that OUR HEARTS gives US! It is for this very reason that WE can FULLY appreciate the cycle of LIFE that is reflected in the BEAUTY of others. OUR HEART shows the inner warrior and it thrives on the STRENGTH of the kindness WE display to others. @ THE END OF THE DAY WHATEVER IS IN A MAN’S HEART IS ALL WHO HE IS…I FEEL THAT NOW IS THE TIME FOR SOCIETY TO TAKE A COMPLETE LOOK @ US! WE LIVE ON THE SAME PLANET, SO INSTEAD OF PRETENDING THAT WE DO NOT EXIST THEY MUCH RATHER DECAY THEMSELVES WITH ALL THE LOVE THEY WILL NOT GIVE. BECAUSE OF OUR GAY HEART, WE KNOW THAT GOD CREATED ALL OF US EQUAL IN HIS EYES & LOVING WITH OUR GAY HEARTS IS ALL THAT WE KNOW & IT IS ALL THAT WE CAN DO…

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  1. You know what I find strange how we seek societal acceptance when some of us have not embraced out gay heart. Something that I have learned is that it is hard to accept something that is devoid of all identity, as so of us. We instread of embracing our hearts, so find out who we are, emalgamate ourselves with the preconceived notions that already exist and instead of disporving them we become living examples. I think if we accept ourselves and stop debating whether we were made this way, born this way, genetically conditioned to be this way and realise that we are what we are, whether we are accepted or not will not matter as much. WHY? Because then we will understand out purpose, and understanding purpose bring and understanding of destiny.




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