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Saturday, 13 October 2007


I used to think that it is better to have loved,
And lost than to have not love @ all.
I used to believe that love was wonderful,
And all that good stuff…
But now I know that love is a losing game.
And we play the part oh so well,
Using tools that don’t serve us purposefully.
SEXUAL compatibility is the foundational point,
Of how we rate each other.
So how does this blossom into LOVE?
This strange phenomenon has me,
Dealing with MEN that say one thing and hoping for another.
Why play the game? Why fool myself?
I say FIND, F&CK, FOOL & FORGET them,
They cause the existence of WHORES!
How can you blame me for thinking like this?
I am only being honest.
SEX comes first,
And relationships are second.
So it is a bad thing if I F&CK and NOT love?
I say let a F&CK be just that!
Harsh? HELL I know!
But who gets hurt when…?
He says F&CK me, F&CK me;
And I oblige with my D!CK deep inside,
Not contemplating love?
I know SEX is NOT a test!
I am not EMPTY on the inside,
I have a heart and I don’t abuse it.
But what are my choices?
I don’t LOVE haphazardly.
I live in a land where MEN do not have the capabilities,
To function in an ADULT relationships.
I am swimming in waters that will take me under,
If I do not hold my head straight.
I want a man that says LOVE, instead of love.
I refuse to be stuck in the motel of love,
Holding the bill for your heart.
LOVE is serious business, not some casual affair.
This love cannot complete me,
It only serves as a minor part of who I am as a person.
Men are basically tools for one purpose and seek no part in this.
I am SO down with love,
So let me get mine and check out!
© tgk


  1. Did you ever think that human beings are like shadows?
    In darkness & full light they somehow disappear

  2. Sincerity and honesty should be the only road to finally find the write attitude to arrive to LOVE.
    Yes, it is the easiest way and the worst one to jumb in the bed without having built a truth friendship first. Even though, the relation with a person must be sincere by trying to know the person and also to discover his really reasons for which this person really wants to have sincere contact. I insist, no love can't be built without taking the the sincerity and honesty be the corner stone to achieve your goal by finding the path for a true love. But ,it will be still very difficult. You can have a sincere love without sex also. Friends are very precious and they don't manipulate feelings.

  3. "down with love not sex"
    I love it!
    just that the "big LOVE" is what we all want and sometimes it's not in a mate - but we prefer to have it with someone who's close and we can express it with and "big LOVE" rarely just shows itself on a whim it requires work and cultivation and time and commitment and even best an admission that we are all human imperfect and flawed and most of the time we fuck up and hopefully that also helps to build this "big LOVE"

  4. its so strange how we confuse love with sex? Love exists seperate and apart from sex. I think the problem is alot of people never had love. I learned something, if something happens and for some reason the sexual part of your relationship has to cease, do u stil have a relationship??? So then are we really experiencing love in its fullness, with the levels of spirituality, emotions, oneness, vibes and energy that add to sex like an ecstacy pill. I think the thing is we do not know what we are looking for. How can we find love externally when we never found it in ourselves, how can you find something to complete you when u have no idea where it started?




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