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Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Think about this scenario; YOU LOVE YOUR JOR. YOUR SUPERVISORS GIVE YOU TOP RATINGS. THEN, ONE DAY, IT’S BROUGHT TO LIGHT THAT YOU ARE GAY. YOUR LIFE BECOMES A VIRTUAL HELL & THE WORK PLACE IS YOUR TORMENTOR TRYING TO FORCE YOU TO QUIT. EVENTUALLY YOU ARE ASKED TO EMPTY YOUR DESK INTO A BOX. YOU ARE FIRED! THE REASON? YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION…This took place when I was 21 years old, my entire world CHANGED and my LIFE was turned up side down. Nevertheless, here is the worst part: FIRING ME FOR BEING GAY WAS 100% EASY BECAUSE THEY HID BEHING THE LAW. Now this took such a toll on my professional career because I never gave my all because I was afraid that if I did, that would not be enough; I would be fired for being GAY no matter what. The climate in which I live is a HARSH and CRUEL one, there is NO love for persons like myself and we are seen as the worst of the worst. I lived a life always looking over my shoulders fearing that every time I am summoned to my supervisor’s office I am called there to be told that I was being FIRED. However, today things have changed, I have my confidence back and I am no longer living in FEAR of being FIRED. I work with someone that totally is okay with MY sexuality, there is no problem, and because of this, I am able to be the MAN I am suppose to be. From day one, I was taken under my supervisor’s wing and she made she that I got what I needed to do my job. However, there were times when others came knocking and tried to taint me and she did not allow it, she stood in the way of that HATRED and knocked it down. I was HAPPY that their AGENDA and BIGOTRY was blocked. I AM ELATED THAT I AM BACK ON TRACK & THAT THINGS ARE GOING THE WAY THEY ARE; YET IT STILL SADDENS ME TO KNOW THAT WE LIVE IN A PLANET THAT IS BASED ON THE PRINCIPLE OF EQUALITY. YET CENTURIES LATER, THAT PRINCIPLE DOES NOT APPLY TO ME & OTHERS LIKE MYSELF…NONETHELESS I AM GLAD THAT I WAS TAUGHT THIS LESSON, THIS MAKES ME TRULY APPREICATE LIFE & RESTORES MY CONFIDENCE IN HUMANITY. I do not hold on to the PAST it was dragging me down for far too long. It drained my energy, leaving less available for life in my present because I was constantly feeding on it. I knew that something NEW and BEAUTIFUL COULD grow in its place if I only had the opportunity to prepare the soil and plant the right seeds. Hence, this is how I learned that forgiveness is the soothing balm that can heal regret. I know how KARMA can fix things; make them right I kept them locked in that space of judgment for so long. This action freed me and it is only due to my year of CONFIDENCE.

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