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Thursday, 13 September 2007


I really believe that when two human beings share love’s energy combined with erotic energies, a transcendent experience occurs, one that is REAL & PROFOUND. This can be achieved with a conscious give and take and an open-heart. SEX is GREAT but LOVE forces the communication of our needs, desires and fantasies. Contrary to what some believe about SEX, we need to learn that a healthy union requires tenderness that is mostly absent when we just have SEX. True lovemaking is a holistic experience, interweaving our higher and our shadow selves-how cementing something very intimate. However, when SEX happens without the anchor of LOVE we deplete our energy levels and the heart is not very satisfied. SEX has more to do with feelings like neediness, escape, and proving one’s self-worth, than seeking something that can extend beyond itself. I LOVE SEX JUST AS MUCH AS THE NEXT MAN, HOWEVER I MISS NOT HAVING LOVE TO GO ALONG WITH THE SEX. They say SEX is a state of mind and it leaves one feeling good; taking you places that you would not ordinarily go on your own. Nonetheless, SEX cannot anchor me to another beyond the activity that it produces; LOVE is the only thing that can do that. Pure SEX is about the nude male body, his chest, lips and the rest; only LOVE can make me truly appreciate those body parts. From the crack of his ass, leading to the spot between the testicles and ass can only be treasured via LOVE. Only LOVE makes me cherish kisses and the way they make us feel. The way he smiles @ me, the way he walks and talks can only be LOVE. IT IS IN LOVE WHEN I CAN TRULY APPRECIATE A MAN IN HIS ENTIRETY.

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