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Saturday, 22 September 2007


What is Meth? Crystal is methamphetamine, a highly addictive synthetic central nervous system stimulant. Commonly known as Crystal because in its purist form it comes as a white, semi-clear, crystalline rock or powder, it is also referred to as Tina, Ice, or Crissy. In its less pure form, meth is called speed or crank. As a solid rock form, it is known as tweak or raw. The chemicals used to make meth are extremely toxic. They include sinus medication, acetone, rubbing alcohol, brake cleaner, ether, drain cleaner (sulfuric acid), methanol, lithium from car batteries, farm fertilizer, lye, red phosphorus, muriatic acid and iodine. (Meth 101 copy provided in part by knowcrystal.org.)

Why the Link to Gay Men? Meth’s allure and ravages are indiscriminate. While meth is not a gay drug, there is currently a dangerous trend among gay men and meth use. Homophobia, isolation, body image, and party and sex culture all contribute to the allure of meth in the gay community, and meth has been linked to a recent rise in new HIV infections.

What’s the Fuss? Why do gay and bisexual men use crystal? There are many reasons, but the primary reason is because it feels good. Perhaps the most popular and well-known side effect of meth is the SEX!

Crystal is an incredible ride, that:

  • Increases sex drive.
  • Keeps the sex going longer.
  • Makes the sex more intense.
  • Reduces your inhibitions, allowing you to try new ways to get off.
  • Allows for taboo sex.

Crystal is a powerful stimulant. Some gay men like it because they can dance for hours on end, or simply mix it up and party with friends. No doubt, many gay men like crystal because of the feelings of power and confidence it gives them. Crystal can help men meet, connect with, and feel close to other gay men. And many say it helps make them feel better about themselves, feel socially fearless and takes away the moody blues. Others use it to study, finish housework, or get lost in an art project or craft experiment for several hours. When high on meth, many men lose their appetite. With prolonged use, some men will lose weight. Weight loss is a perceived benefit of meth use. Many guys struggling with HIV related issues use meth because it helps them forget about life with HIV or AIDS for a little while. When you’re high, you forget about depression, anxiety or shame because of HIV, and the energy helps offset fatigue from the meds.

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