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Wednesday, 13 June 2007


HAVE YOU NOTICE WHAT A FAIRYLAND WE LOST WHEN WE STOPPED BELIEVING IN ETERNITY? If to-day the word Eternity was written in the sky or placed on billboards around town, everyone would be gazing at it try to recall what it used to signify. The word reminds us how we used to slip away from hurry to bathe in a sea of timelessness, refreshing to every taut nerve. In eternity, we should be no longer the puny spawn of monkeys, but beings good, great, and glorious as angels. Eternity is filled with shining lights, with majestic figures from the past walking its wondrous streets. Our physical self on this planet has so many burdens on our souls and we have no control over its demands. As a result, many persons unconsciously long to escape the confinement of their bodies opting not to deal with the discomfort and rigors of their day-to-day existence. Nonetheless, we inhabit our bodies for a reason and there is a lot we can learn in this human body that we could not have grasped had we remained in spirit form. Thus, this is a vital plateau in the progression of becoming enlightened beings. Now it seems that no one believes we live after we die. We all live as if what happens here just haphazardly occurs and there is no connection to anything, but I beg to differ. Our survival on this planet came because we maintained dominance over everything around us and it is such a shame that we now are trying to dominate each other. I cannot say that I blame because ETERNITY does not exist and we are ALL insignificant beings on this earth. Hence, why should BEINGS like us go about loving each other as if we were GODS? Why we waste OUR time caring for OUR fellow man whose breath of wind can be snuff out like a flame? So I wonder how is it we have lost OUR ETERNITY? How did we loose the thing that OUR SOULS are tied to? We have forgotten that we will leave our physical selves behind to return to our original state, we will enjoy a supreme sense of freedom-yet we will always value the time we spent on earth. So why live as if we do not want to live forever? Why don’t WE see the BIGGER PICTURE? The world is sad really, we have lost eternity, and we cannot seem to bring it back. Oddly enough, we do not want to bring it back, we have discovered some way of being comfortable without it. So I ask, why not have a little patience with ourselves? We poor devils who have to bear all the brunt of the transition from life to eternity, if we promise not to corrupt ourselves. It is such a pity that we cannot safely play in this chapter of life.

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  1. If I saw Eternity written in the sky I would think it's an ad for Calvin Klein. I like what you're saying here - change our minset stop living to die but die to live a life that is fulfilling and search for true enlightment




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