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Thursday, 31 May 2007


WHEN WILL WOMEN STOP SEEING GAY MEN AS A WASTE? I hear it all the time DAMN HE IS CUTE AND FINE, PITY HE IS GAY. I sit and wonder are these women for real and do they live in the same world as I do? Well like it or not there are GAY MEN out there that are CUTE and FINE and they have no interest in PUSSY @ all. So like it or not ALL of US exist to please women and OUR SEXUALITY isn’t a haphazard accident either. It’s bad enough that we have to deal HOMOPHOBIA from HETEROSEXUAL MEN, but to get it from WOMEN is just plain crazy. SO TELL ME: why is it that we must all fit a mold when it comes to OUR SEXUALITY? This misguided notion causes further FEAR and CONFUSION within MEN in our society. Where do these WOMEN get these misguided thoughts and notions? IF GOD CREATED HOMOSEXUALITY AS A FORM OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION, does this mean that it stands to reason that this is indeed a legitimate action? After all GOD does not make mistakes, so homosexuality can’t be wrong. We are only the HUMAN BEING that GOD made us to be. Yes, I know that there are a whole lot of single women out there that would love to have a man but can’t seem to find one. Nonetheless WE are the ones that catch most of the blame because of OUR SEXUALITY. It’s it interesting how the world works? because I am GAY you blame me for the MAN you dating because he can’t seem to know how to act like a MAN? because I am GAY you blame me for the fact that most of you didn’t have a DADDY to teach you what LOVE is? because I am GAY you blame me because you don’t know how you should be treated by a man? I hope for the sake of our communities, our women, our children and our futures that this changes because this way of thinking does no one good. This OLD DESPERATE WOMAN BATTLE CRY is getting so old and it hurts that we are the ones that are blamed for their lack of companionship or healthy relationship. However, somewhere in all this disparity over GAY MEN, women continue to fight illusions (negative illusions might I add) over a non-issue, especially here in the Caribbean. So the next time a female comes across a male that she thinks HE is a waste of GOOD D!CK of simply another man down the drain, I would hope that she would stop and remember that not everyone is meant to be the same, not every man that is on this is there simple for her choosing. I find it so crazy that when MEN like myself live our lives honestly and not trying to hide behind some woman’s vagina they can’t seem to deal with it. Why place such a burden on a man? Why make him the center of your unhappiness? Why wish that someone isn’t who they are meant to be? They say that there are more women in the world than men but does that make it right that WE are hated because of this supposing shortage? I personally don't buy the eligible man shortage baloney. Maybe just maybe these women need to find out what LOVE is all about and why does HOMOSEXUALITY exist in the first place. I wonder if any of them ever think that a GAY man needs a certain kind of LOVE and that can only come from his own. But instead of opening their minds and hearts they see US as barriers. To that I say, BEING IGNORANT and HATEFUL is the only barrier and we are not the problem. Isn’t it funny how so many MEN hate themselves because they know within themselves that they don’t have a desire for a female? WE torture ourselves and try to convince ourselves that we might be able to do it; that we might be able to pull it off…ALL ALONG KNOWING THAT WE DON’T STAND A CHANCE! So the problem women encountered with men that are homosexually incline are just a reflection of how low they think of themselves and how unhappy they are in their current situation. Women need to understand that WE are all different and WE all serve various purposes and I know it hurts but it’s the way this world; we certainly didn’t make it and we can’t change it.

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