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Tuesday, 29 May 2007


I’ve met many men who ask me this question and I say to them that there are men out there; they just have to be patient and let that special one find them. Sadly so many can’t seem to get pass their self loathing and realize that true happiness lies within. Tell me, why do men waste time and energy seeking a relationship that just exists because they want to say that they have someone? In this instance one will get bored and eventually seek someone REAL outside this relationship. THERE ARE MEN OUT THERE, but you have to be ready for their arrival. You should try to be practical and focus on a FRIENSHIP first and foremost, then progress from there and build a RELATIONSHIP and after that comes PARTNERSHIP. With these key elements in place you can’t go wrong nor will you get second best. A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP is achievable when there is a solid commitment that is not based on sex. SEX is wonderful but if it’s done first, then you limit the chances of a SUCCESSFUL LTR. Sad to most men never seem to think with the right head when it comes to another brother. And that’s why it’s a lot of lonely men out here with a lot of love to give but afraid to trust another with their heart. Take the time to get to know each other. Love yourself first and look for a partner who can compliment you... Physical attraction is a good thing but relationships shouldn't be based on how handsome he is or how BIG his D!CK is. I wish that the sum total of what men are looking for in regards to being with another man could be summed up by seeking REAL LOVE. It would probably make living this life a little easier. There'd be no illusions that the giving of one's heart is truly genuine and there would be no hurt feelings because you have someone that REALLY wants something substantial. There will be no need for the superficiality that goes on in this community.

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