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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I am on LIFE’S journey to find A TRIBE ALL MY OWN. Bound to this strong need to establish a unique persona, this HUMAN need to accepted and appreciated is for the sole purpose of solidifying MY individual identity. Within this tribe, I seek members who accept ME without reservation and gladly accompany ME on MY journey of evolution. I want to feel free to be MY IMPERFECT SELF, to engage unabashedly in LIFE and to express MY vulnerabilities by relying on MY tribe for support. I want to feel comfortable investing MY time and energy in the members of MY tribe and I want them to feel EQUALLY comfortable to do the same. I know that the individuals who would eventually become members of MY tribe are out there; I am destined to find them, one by one as I move through LIFE. I can see US now bouncing along; light spirit and free from worry. Swimming in shallow water, riding near LIFE’s shore…OUR heads leaning towards the horizon…But for now all I can do is spy @ the island that I desperately seek; I just drift to and fro. The trees are luscious and green and I know that WE would be so happy in this paradise. The water is so blue and the sun shines so givingly making me hungry with anticipation because this is what my heart yearns for…For now I feel as if I living on the outside of MY existing tribe and MY absence goes unnoticed; never being missed @ all. I wish I could stay if only for a moment but my HEART won’t allow me to do so, how can I blame it for that? It knows I am NOT happy, it knows that I am NOT free and it knows that I am NOT…I have that ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL mentality and I know however my life develops when I come together with MY tribe, I am assured that they will stand at MY side. I know that when this day comes, you will discover a NEW MAN that is grounded with a sense of community that ultimately fulfills MY most basic human need.

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