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Wednesday, 21 March 2007


Un-LOVE is more like it. When I feel muddled and unfocused, unsure of which way to turn, I say I am in un-LOVE. Unsimilar to when I am in a fog in nature, I can see where I am going and I definitely know where I came from, and I am not afraid that I run into something hidden in the mists that seem to surround me. Being in un-LOVE doesn’t slow me down or limit my visibility. I don’t have to pull over and wait for the murkiness to clear. I move rather slowly; feeling my way and keeping my eyes open for shapes emerging from the haze, never relying on the taillights of someone in front of me as we make our way along the road. By and large, I know that I should prefer to be able to see where we are going and move steadfastly in that direction, but there are gifts that come from being in un-LOVE. I can deal with the fact that sometimes it takes an obstacle like this to get me to stop and be still in the moment doing nothing. In this moment of involuntary inactivity, I can look within and find that the source of my fogginess; it could be some emotional issue that needs tending before I can safely go full steam ahead. Being in this fog reminds me that when I cannot see outside myself, I can always make progress by looking within. Then again, the fog may simply be teaching us important lessons about how to continue moving forward with extreme caution, harnessing our attention, watching closely for new information, and being ready to stop on a dime. I cannot predict when LOVE will come, but I can center myself in the haze and wait for guidance. I may find it inside myself or in a pair of barely visible taillights just ahead. Whether I follow the lights out of the fog, wait for a gentle breeze to lift it, or allow the sun to burn it away, I can rest certain that one way or another, I will move forward with clarity once again knowing that LOVE will find ME!

1 comment:

  1. that is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read, "un Love"?

    It is quite obvious that you have never been truely in-Love.




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