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Sunday, 25 March 2007


If GOD is only FATHER and not MOTHER, how can he then create MALE and FEMALE in HIS OWN IMAGE? You then either have to concede that the MALE incorporates the FEMALE in GOD and then one is immediately confronted with the question which part of God is then the most important? And if God’s Self would be both male and female, as expressed in the humans, then why would the expression of male and female in one human, as with GLBT people be “FUNDAMENTALLY UNREASONABLE?” So if MASCULINITY and FEMINITY combined in the BEING of the CREATOR is the most PERFECT FORM OF EXISTENCE; how then can and would SOCIETY DEHUMANIZE and CRIMINLAIZE US? How is that WE are called lower than animals because WE are the epitome of GENDER BLENDING? How does a so call MODERN WORLD treat a group of person they know nothing about in this kind of manner? I LOVE how we are practically living a LIFE of SLAVERY; treated like insignificant objects that need APPROVAL to EXIST on this planet. I am living in strange times when smoking is considered a serious danger to one's health, and something which cannot be tolerated in most areas of public life, but it is. SO WHY IS THAT A GENDER BLENDER LIKE MYSELF CAN’T FIND ACCEPTANCE IN MOST PLACES ON THIS PLANET? Why does society reduce the HOMOSEXUAL lifestyle to act from which it was born? How can I be blamed for embracing both parts of myself? How does this UNRIGHTEOUS BEHAVIOR keep me out of HEAVEN? I find this experience HEART-RETCHING...When I think about it, I am rendered ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS! I AM JUDGE BASE ON WHAT GOD HIMSELF HAS WRITTEN AS MY DESTINY AND MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE IS BASED ON THE ACT OF SEX I PEFORM. How can HETEROSEXUALITY be MORAL and HOMOSEXUALITY be IMMORAL? Shouldn’t IMMORALITY come in the picture if SEX is EXPLOITIVE and DEMEANS another human being? I think that SOCIETY has it all wrong and needs to focus on the areas that are PURE BLACK or WHITE; leaving the GRAY areas unto themselves. HENCE MORALITY ISN’T ABOUT SEX, EVEN THOUGH SOCIETY WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE THAT NOTION! TO BE MORAL AS FAR AS SEXUALITY IS CONCERNED; IT SHOULD BE BASED ON A CONSENSUAL, NON-EXPLOITIVE, HONEST, MUTUALLY PLEASURABLE CIRCUMSTANCES…PROTECTED BY LOVE AND RESPECT. THE STANDARDS OF SEXUAL MORALITY ARE MORE COMPLEX THAN THE DETERMINED BODY PARTS INVOLVED IN A PARTICULAR SEX ACT. IF SOCIETY REMEMBERS THIS FACT WE ‘GENDER BLENDING’ FOLKS WOULDN’T FEEL LIKE WE ARE LIVING A LIFE SUB PAR TO OTHERS IN SOCIETY. SO I BELIEVE THAT EVERY PERSON IS MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD, OF GREAT WORTH AND OF GREAT VALUE AND DESERVE TO BE TREATED WITH GREAT DIGNITY! WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES, THE TIMELESS PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EMBRACE OUR GOD-GIVEN SEXUALITY. WE ARE THE ALTAR WHERE YOU (SOCIETY) SHOULD TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES AND HONOUR; FOR WE ARE ‘HOLY GROUND.’


  1. nice I love n have read thhem all but for me i am "A Few Good Men" kinda guy i like it though (tuba27

  2. I'm just questioning rules in general
    why does God need a gender @ all?
    who decides what's masculine or feminine?
    & why is it black, white and no gray? are we living in Pleasanville? can't we get a little color in this mutha-fucka?




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