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Friday, 09 March 2007


Do think that if the entire world had been homosexual from the start, the word would be altogether different? Would HOMOSEXUALITY give rise to different forms of organization and institutions, acceptable lifestyles and attitudes, different art, different politics AND religion based on human recognition whether an individual is gay OR straight? This world that I speak of is not seen by eye, but can be felt in the hearts N’ souls of every homosexual on this planet. We yearn to be TRUE to ourselves and orientation, but if we are to achieve and live a life that is NATURAL to our sexuality, we need to DEVIATE & BE FREE! This is a MAJOR task and would not contemplate this had we not been shocked from lethargy by murders, beatings, name-calling, job discrimination, and so on. How funny we thought we were floating, when in fact we are drowning. We were swimming with the heterosexual tide, not realizing that that tide was going out, into a heterosexual sea, carrying us farther and farther from our homosexual native land. Now don’t get wrong I do NOT hate the sea, I just don't want to drown in it…This “heterosexual” sea, is the community that shelters, nourishes AND protects all that agree to be prisoners in its waters. But land animals such as us that stay too long in the water surely will find profound distress. SO I SAY LET’S DEVIATE & BE FREE! For far too long we have focused on the NEGATIVE consequences of such a deviation. But as “homosexual deviants,” we are free from the stereotype of "MASCULINITY". We can cry in a movie theater if we are touched by a film, and not flick the tears from our cheeks when the lights go up. We can touch another man on the street, hug him, and walk hand-in-hand with him. We can be graceful, gentle, tender, loving, kind. We can also do anything straight men do that we may care to do: wrestle, play football, lift weights, get roaring drunk and stagger thru the streets. And we can do some things straight men cannot: we can go into a sexual relationship free of preformed roles; we can both give and receive attention; we can initiate and reciprocate, be both aggressive and receptive, and live a two-sided relationship of true equals. However, the freedom of a deviant goes much further than just those freedoms we have as homosexuals. A deviant is free to…deviate. That is, as deviants we can NEVER really conform. So there is no reason for us ever to try. The (STRAIGHT) world has proclaimed certain values sacred. We cannot accept all those values, and if we can question one, we can question all. Indeed, having questioned any we are impelled to question all. Some will stand the test of inquiry; others will fail. What fails, we must replace. And here again we are free. If the (STRAIGHT) world's conclusions are wrong, we must question whether the means by which they reached those conclusions are also wrong. So we are free to work toward our own conclusions by our own means! If that is not freedom, what is? We don't have to say the "right" things, nor think the "right" things, nor do the "right" things according to the world. We don’t have to play butch or fem; we don't have to see the "in" films; nor wear our hair curly or have big belt buckles in our trousers while carrying a BIG leather shoulder bag. Having abandoned the standards of one world, we do not have to accept blindly the absurd standards of another. Hence we are free to try as best we can to fashion a world VALID for us. We are citizen in many worlds…slave in none. I know that deviation brings a perverse kind of freedom, but if we do NOTHING with it, we are cheating ourselves; and others as well…FOR A FREE MIND, BODY N’ SOUL IS A POWERFUL WEAPON AGAINST A WORLD GONE INSANE…

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