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Tuesday, 05 December 2006


…IT SIMPLY MEANS U R LIVING Y'R TRUE SELF. I have never thought of anything about being gay other than perfectly natural. All those who truly love me, all those who truly care about me and all those who are my true friends know I am gay. And that of course includes my family. I am not telling everybody in the world I am gay, but whenever a friend personally asks about my sexual preference I always want to say YES with PRIDE! In short - no big deal. It's only the steadfast so-called conservatives and SOME "HOLIER THAN GOD" Christians and SOME believers of some other religions who have been churning out this big deal out of us. At our expense! It sounds bizarre to me that people HATE US so much that they would rather that we die or didn’t exist…HELL NO! I write today for those PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE HOMOSEXUALS. The ones that KNOWS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE…I feel like an unborn baby who can’t decide whether or not I should live or die…It’s so bizarre that SOCIETY think they have the right to take away my HUMANITY. They know that I know that regardless of MY SEXUAL PREFERENCE THAT I HAVE A GOD-GIVEN, INDELIBLE BASIC HUMAN NEED TO BE LOVED IN ANY WAY I SO CHOOSE…WHO OR WHAT GAVE THEM THE RIGHT TO VOTE FOR/AGAINST MY LIFE? WHO TOLD THEM THAT THEY GET TO DECIDE WHO IS TO BE? WHO TOLD THEM THAT THEY CAN GET ME NOT TO BE? I SAY THAT BEFORE I WAS, GOD WAS AND HE KNEW WHAT I WAS GOING TO BECOME BEFORE I CAME SO…ALL I CAN DO IS LIVE THE AUTHENTICALLY, WONDERFUL LIFE AND BASK IN THE LOVE OF THE LORD…

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