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Tuesday, 14 November 2006


This is the side of me that just wants F&CK a niggah; GET IN, GET OFF AND GET OUT! So with said…Lay on your back and DO NOT MOVE! I will undress you. Kiss you both soft and wet on your lips. I wanna undress you with both my mind and my hands…YOU ARE MINE NOW! I'm already naked; just feel for the curves and the ass cheeks in the dark. I'm ready to ride, I get on top slides my pole in, I want you to jolt a little because this shit will hurt a little just be a man and take it! I can feel you administer wet kisses in my ear while blowing in it...I'm rock hard while on top, place your hands on my hips positioning telling me you LOVE the ride my D!CK is giving you. Now I want you to ride it, sit back and spot me as much ASS ACCESS and ride for dear life B!TCH.

I want you get off my D!CK and apply those lips to my pole, I want you to grope yourself as I finger F&CK YOUR ASS opening you wide all over again… I'm on my tip toes as I slide my meat in and out of your mouth…You know I LOVE YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL AS MY SH!T EASES IN AND OUT…THINK OF IT AS COCKWORK FOR YA!

…Now I am back in you, I hear the wall's melodies while your face is pressed up against it and still, no one has spoken a word as you feel my shaven balls pounding you like round two was borrowed…You on your stomach me smacking that with such vengeance…No questions asked, no conversation ever mentioned…Just me digging deep into until…until…until....Oh the joy of me inside you, F&CK!NG the sweet essence of my energy into you…You gyrating to the beat of my D!CK…IN & OUT, IN & OUT…Amazing how sweet harmonies we make with our nakedness…Kinda brings out the naughty side of me…Wishing others are here watching but we don’t care because it’s too intense to STOP! HMMMM the sweat from my chest creeping down the crack of your ASS while I F&CK the F&CK OUT OF YOU!...JUST TURN ME ON…Time to bring it HOME, I pull out of you and turn you around; place you on your knees…You sucking me, licking my ball, my scrotum and tonguing my pee hole…Mounting your face into my sweaty crotch…Now it’s time for me CUM and you know your gonna taste it…You want it…I let you have it, every single drop down your throat as my body collapses to the floor from such an intense session…

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