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Wednesday, 22 November 2006


I can see him right now laying down on the bed and me on top of him as we continue to kiss. I LOVE THE WAY HE MAKES MY D!CK JUMP! I have reach for his D!CK and put it between my legs and go back and forth with moans here and there. (OH WHAT A SIGHT 2 B HOLD) making love like this makes me know that it’s possible…THE PASSION OF LOVE WE SHARE INSIDE THAT ONLY THE TWO OF US CAN SHARE IS A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT 2 B HOLD…
It starts slow and builds with passion and intensity…Hands travel all over one another… I love the way ‘WE’ LOVE each other; only the way a MAN can. It is captivating, spell bound even. It’s as if LOVING each other is not an option, nor a choice, but our right; for we know this feeling in our hearts 2 B true. I love the feeling I get when ‘WE’ first touch and especially when our naked bodies meet for the first time…skin on skin…breathe to breathe…man to man. 
THERE IS SOMETHING EXCITING AND INTIMATE ABOUT SEEING MEN IN A PERSONAL ENVIRONMENT, IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SIGHT 2 B HOLD! I can feel LOVE all over me, in me and around me…Its poetry in motion, bodies touching and experiencing one another that sends both of ‘US’ to new dimensions. I 
know I have the right to experience love in the form of this man, this man who is going to love me in such a way that will be a part of me all the rest of my life. I know that in that moment, in this lifetime I experienced GOD’S greatest creation… I can feel him before he touches me for he has touched me on the inside. I have to have ‘HIM’ ON ME, IN ME...ME IN HIM. I can smell his scent (OH SO SWEET). 

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