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Wednesday, 18 October 2006


Gay men are the guardians of the masculine impulse. To have anonymous sex in a dark alleyway is to pay homage to the dream of male freedom. The unknown stranger is a wandering pagan god. The altar, as in pre-history is anywhere you kneel. Hence SAME-SEX PRONE MEN are creatures of habit, whether it’s work, play or something in between. We play with fire and LOVE the burn; it makes us feel as if we are on top of the world. We dangle on that bridge and leap off right before it falls staring the DEVIL in the eye. We live hard we play hard! AND WE ENTICE THOSE THAT WANT TO BE US, THOSE THAT WANT TO BE WITH US…THOSE THAT WANT TO KNEEL AT THE ALTAR BUT ARE TOO AFRAID TO ADMIT IT! I AM TALKIN ABOUT THOSE MEN THAT SECRETLY WANT TO HAVE THE HOLIST EXPERIENCE WITH ANOTHER MAN…but are conflicted by the world and their hearts. Let me be the first to say sorry guys, ‘we don’t take any prisoners’ if you dip your toe in the LAKE HOMOSEXUAL you are here for life. All I can do is throw you a life raft and help you find your way to shore. It’s scary but think about it, you can finally feel alive and take your thrown; living your heart’s desires. No more being half of a man, no more living in darkness no more hiding from the light. Little does the world know, but we are the light, we are the ones that live life to the fullest; we dare go against the status quo…we shatter the glass ceiling. I know this is where you want to be; I see the way you look at me be it at the office, a restaurant, church or simply on a date with your girlfriend. I can tell that you feel my energy, I know that you know that SHE cannot hold you, SHE cannot harness the power you seek…SHE cannot make you feel like a MAN. I know SHE makes you feel that this life is caged existence but that’s far from the truth, YOU know that death to a man that is dead inside whose heart doesn't beat with fear and excitement before taking that leap into the unknown soulful union. But sadly you hold firm to your HETERO-FLEXIBILITY; this is a concept where a person has or intends to have a primarily heterosexual lifestyle, with a primary sexual and emotional attachment to someone of the opposite sex. But that person remains open to sexual encounters and even relationships with persons of the same sex. This in my opinion is a lighthearted attempt to stick with heterosexual identification while still "getting in on the fun of homosexual pleasures." Life has a certain rhythm that gives it much value. Take care to respect and appreciate that rhythm. Consider how unpleasant it is when you lie to yourself and others around you. I want you to realize how much more fulfilling life would be if you completely and honestly be true to your heart. You know that no matter how hard you try to close your mind and heart to this truth you can’t escape. You are naked on a quest for knowledge, your eyes are open and nothing is there for you but a faded memory of the passing years. Do you know it that life wasn't real? Do you know you were pretending? Do you know that, that life was a dream with a desolate ending? How could it not? With every step you sway and falter; climbing the hill to the hallowed altar making yourself the sacrificial lamb. Sadly you are trying to cleanse the soul of a man whose only salvation is a life he fears. I KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL, I KNOW WHAT YOU SEEK, I KNOW WHAT DRIVES YOU, I KNOW WHAT WILL QUENCH YOUR THIRST IN THE MIDDLE OF NIGHT, I KNOW WHAT YOU DO IN THE DARK…REMEMBER I AM APART OF THAT DARKNESS THAT YOU CREATED, I AM THE ONE YOU SEEK…THE ONE THAT CAN EASE YOUR PAIN…BUT REMEMBER WITH DARKNESS THE NIGHT HAS EYES…AND NO ONE CAN HIDE, NOT EVEN YOU!

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