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Monday, 03 July 2006


Call it not love, for love to heaven is fled
Since sweating lust on earth usurp'd his name;
Under whose simple semblance he hath fed
Upon fresh beauty, blotting it with blame;
Which the hot tyrant stains and soon bereaves,
As caterpillars do the tender leaves.
Love comforteth like sunshine after rain,
But lust's effect is tempest after sun;
Love's gentle spring doth always fresh remain,
Lust's winter comes ere summer half be done;
Love surfeits not, lust like a glutton dies;
Love is all truth, lust full of forged lies.
When this ‘MERE MORTAL’ is loved by his ‘PERFECT BEING’ I am a vessel of Spirit and thereby the bearer of Love and blessings. LOVE IS WHAT I AM, LOVE IS MY TRUE NATURE. Being in love with my ‘PERFECT BEING’ is the expression of Divine Love flowing through me as me. Love knows only itself and as I listen to its Divine voice guiding and leading me through life I am sustained and fulfilled. It doesn't fathom the illusions of hurt, pain and fear. I am created in the LIKENESS and image of Love and thereby endowed with the powers of Love. Everything, Everything, EVERYTHING is an expression of Love. God has created everything that was, is and will be. I have been given the power to do with it that which I will. I am a child of God; I am a child of Love there for I am Love MANIFEST! Now that I am loved by the ‘PERFECT BEING’ all the love that I share with my SOULMATE is returned to me blessed and multiplied because as I allow Divine Love to flow through me to him it mingles with the presence of Divine Love in him and flows back to me. Every act in our relationship becomes an expression of love because my mate reflects back to me that which I put out. I am now secure in LOVE and if my mate reflects back to me something, I don't like then his is reflecting back to me something I need to work on within myself. Like if my mate cheats on me, do I cheat back, do I leave him, do ignore it or do I work it out? Depending on where we are in SPIRIT will depend on my reaction. Since I know who I am in Spirit; as Spirit, I am gonna work this thing out because love won’t allow me to do anything else. Love is more than the "little things" someone does for me. It is coming to a point in life where I connect with the spirit of another in such a way where I care for him and I am concern about him. It is not being controlling or co-dependent but being there for someone regardless of need. When I am aware of myself as Love, I operate in a manner of love where infatuation becomes playful courting. When love becomes this powerful, it transforms the sexual act into a passionate exchange of spiritual energy. As I go through life I understand because of his love that I will have many soul mates. My family, friends and the men we meet are participating as soul mates to experiences and the growth we accumulate through our lives. It is up to me to find my BELOVED by actively experiencing live and enjoying it.

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