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Friday, 07 July 2006


There is little boy I know that can’t seem to get enough sex. His life’s purpose is to get that next NUTT and the funny thing about him is that he hates being GAY. He can’t seem to stay away from that which is so unholy, that which makes him an outsider, even worse he is trying to find his place in that lifestyle seeking GOD knows what…So desperately wanting to fit in…I feel that he is disconnected during sex, its all about the MOTION & not the EMOTION! He is abusing the gift GOD gave to him; he is desperately seeking LOVE but looking for it in the wrong place. FOR HIM SEX IS ALL ABOUT THE EXCITEMENT & PLEASURE…HENCE HE HAS TO HAVE IT MORE THAT THE AVERAGE PERSON TO ATTAIN FULFILLMENT. Do you think he knows that God decided in Heaven one day that he should be born? He chose his parents, made sure that elements were in place to create a MAN as special as HE. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT! He doesn’t realize that there's no one on earth exactly like him, he is a miracle of life, but he has lost sight of the beauty he has. He has forgotten that he start out our lives with the world in his hands. He is now blinded by the lack of love in his life, he is numb, it’s as if he doesn’t have any hope left and he can’t see the future…HE JUST SEES THE END! I know he feels so unworthy and don't know why, I just wish that he would search for answers. Find someone that doesn’t just want sex, someone who will listen- to whom he can shout: I FEEL DISCONNECTED, SAD & UNSURE. I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE! I know deep inside that there's got to be hope, but right now I just feel at the end of my rope. His actions say help me find the answer. Help me find my way. Plant my feet on the road of happiness today. He needs to believe that he is worth more than this-and climb out of his dark abyss. But, first he MUST learn how to love self and believe as I do that you're a bright, shining star. I wonder if he wonders if anyone is happier because he passed their way. Does anyone remember that you FUCKED them today? He must know that whatever his hand touches…he leaves fingerprints! On lips, on the nipples, toes, fingers, dick and ass leaving his identity behind. Oh GOD please where ever he goes today, help him leave heart prints! Heart prints of compassion of understanding and love. This is The Story Of his Life…Just wish he’d stop saying that he isn’t important, because it simply isn't true, the fact that he was born, is proof, GOD has a plan for him. The path may seem unclear right now, but one day you will see, that all that came before, was not who you really were. God wrote the book that is your life, that’s all you need to know. Each day that you are living, was written long ago. God only writes best sellers, so be proud of who you are, your character is important...HELL in this book you are the STAR. Enjoy the novel as it reads, it will stand throughout the ages, savor each chapter as you go, taking time to turn the pages…
for A. L. F.

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