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Sunday, 09 July 2006


Stay true to your inner self, and do some real soul searching to find out who that really is. As we grow older, many things that we used to do just aren't appropriate anymore. It's just a part of life and accepting it will make life easier. Hold on for what you want in life and remember that much of what is expressed is not just about yourself but your reaction to others. YOU are the only person YOU can control. People may disappoint you. Just know who YOU are and what YOU want. It's all about YOU babe...

Look at the past experiences as memories and also lessons. You walked away from those scenarios over the last 20 years with your life. Now that you have that much don't let sadness and other people's inability to see you for who you are weaken that. Remember that we can use our past and current situations to better ourselves. But, to some degree we all have this struggle because we don't know for certain what the future holds. Our inability to accept situations without strife makes that situation harder. We all have disappointments in careers, finances, relationships and on and on, but always stay true to yourself and if you are not content doing the same ol same ol, then try doing what you really want. It may take time. Time to change you attitude and send out the vibe that you're trying to attract. Be good to yourself!

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