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Monday, 02 October 2006


TALK ABOUT THE FORBIDDEN OBJECT OF MY DESIRE! I imagine him telling me to kneel in front of him. Like the Pope ordering me to his altar, I go eye-level to his dick. He towers over me, stroking his meat with his hand. His dick glistens so sheer the veins show like rope laced around hard flesh and a host of heavenly angels sing as I embark on my sanctify quest. His stomach is tight and hair spi­rals out of his navel. I cup my palms around his perfect ass. I watch his cock, rise drool­ing toward my mouth. I waste no time…I peel it. His dick is magnificent enough. I look up at his muscular symmetry and I figure to deserve this that somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done some­thing good, or else I sold my soul. I drop my jaw, open the O-ring at the back of my throat, and he jams in. I choke. My eyes are running tears. This strong man pounds my face into his crotch. He locks the fingers of both his hands behind my head and pumped my face and started to talk dirty. My heart race, damn SEX is one thing, but NASTY talk is another. My lover is turning into a beast; my favorite kind of man. I'm working my dick with one hand and rubbing his thighs and belly and pecks. I finger-flip his nip­ples and he moans. Suddenly I know his trigger. He pumps my face slow and easy, enjoying the ride like DRAG QUEEN WALKING THE HELL OUT OF A PAIR OF PUMPS. I suction him, tongue him, and hold the head of his cock prisoner in the O ring at the back of my mouth, at the top of my throat. I'm impaled on his cock. His cock is locked-down in the back of my throat. Funny how in sex, sooner or later, someone surrenders. He fucks my face till the snot runs from my nose. He feels great. His body bumps his boner down my throat. I choke. I gag. He holds my head tighter and I almost cum. I stop jerking my cock. I reach both hands for his big pecks. He is a man whose cock is driven by his tits. His BIG DICK rams tough down my throat. I feel his spasms start. I try to catch my breath for the big blow, knowing he's gonna dump a load to remember. Sure as the weather obeys the tv weather news, he tornadoes his load. A fun­nel explosion of cum. Trees bend in the wind and dogs howl. I'm choking, licking, sucking, and pig­ging it all down. Sucking the fuck out of this Saturday night special. He's slam­ming my face tight into his crotch. His throbber keeps pumping out the juice until it doesn't. He eases me back on the floor, straddles my chest, and drops his still drooling dick into my mouth. My ass aches to get this dick inside of it. His dick nods and it’s almost as if he could sense the vibration from my ass, it knew why I was still there. How could it not? I have sucked, swallowed and worshiped it. I have crawled on my knees been to hell and back, now it’s time for me to get mine. LOVELY HOW QUICKLY IT CAME BACK TO LIFE! I lie on my back, ass cocked up towards him; hmmm I thought ‘this is why they call it cocking up.’ He held the base of his rod, I tapped the my asshole that was begging for him to ease my pain. His piss slit is already oozing, he shoved it in just the way I like it; no lube, no mercy. I wrap my ass cheeks around the dick, tasting it, savoring the sight of the pipeline from his fantastic body to my hungry hole. I love it when he takes real pleasure in digging in me deep as he wants. My dick is hard. He slaps it once. Then he sucks it while fucking me; damn he is such a cocksucker. I can barely contain myself. I love how he has doing this crazy motion not knowing what to respond to; him fucking me or his sucking my dick. He is loaded with seed and ready to shoot it. He says so. He does, grabbing me and fuck-pumping my inverted ass. His cum explodes deep inside me. He squeezes me, with all his might, like a lost brother, his whole physique squeezing me, his big dick still creaming in my ass. He lets me go and yanks his dick from my ass; the suction pulling out leaves great globs of his cum that drain out of my ass. He then lifts me up and places in dick back in my ass and augers me deep, ordering me to tighten my shit, the two of us swinging together, cling­ing monkeylike to my body, almost his full weight hang­ing with mine as if we were floating on clouds. I can feel his paroxysms start. He plans on ripping me a new one. He plans to make me pass out. He can kill me if he wants to. I'm already in heaven. He feels my body cumming. He feels my dick about to cum. He slams his hips into my ass. We both begin to howl at the same barbaric moment, both with of us shooting, shouting, and shivering together. I feel my body, my soul, my aura, my being, my becoming, and my transfigu­ration. I'm groaning with joy! he is my fantasy man, the man who does the things you pray men will do. HE IS AND WILL BE THE ONLY REASON I AM A WHORE!

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